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Jelq technique question

Jelq technique question

Hey everyone, just had a question about the technique here.

I know you have to keep your grip the same throughout the entire jelq because it may cause the “bat” shape, but when I do jelqs it seems like the middle of the shaft is a little thinner. I’m not sure if this is just because of the excess skin near the bottom of the shaft or if I’m doing jelqs while in a little too flacid state. Anyone have any suggestions?


I use a longer jelq stroke between 5-10 seconds which has worked much better for me than the 3 second jelq. When you slow it down, you can really perfect your technique instead of trying to just bang out a bunch of mindless reps. Using a timer instead of counting reps really works better for me.

Erection amount varies from person to person. You kind of have to mess with it and see what works for you. There’s a sweet spot for me that is tricky to explain.

Most people are thicker at the base.

Squeeze hard enough to trap the blood….and move up the shaft. It is very unlikely that you will get a bat shaped dick. Seriously. Based on my experience, and all the pics I have seen, PE adds more to your base girth than the tip.

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