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Jelq Rep: One Hand or Two


Originally Posted by Scipio81
I dry jelq only, to avoid loosing blood in the unit etc. I’ll do twenty strokes in a row with one hand, then get back to appropriate erection level and switch to the other hand. Same as you really.

Ah cool that’s what I do, just when people were saying both hands I was like eh? Ouch skin.. Dry jelqs are the way to go!

Originally Posted by kingpole
Both hands equal one rep.

Hey KP - I need some more opinions! :p

3/2/2008 16cm BPEL 11.2 cm EG (3 weeks into the newbie routine, may have grown slightly, but...)

3/16/2008 16.5 BPEL 11.2 cm EG

Goals: 17.8cm BPEL 12.7 cm EG

Hey vermontbeat,

I’d like to give a step by step example to clear things up:

- Right hand jelqs that’s 1 count = jelq number 1.

- Left hand jelqs; that’s jelq number 2.

- Right hand jelqs again; that’s jelq number 3.

In this example we’ve made a total of 3 reps.

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You have to consider what movement is considered the point of the exercise. It’s the stroke. One stroke pushing blood toward the end of the penis is the point of the jelq. It doesn’t matter which hand you use (or even no hands by using a device), it’s the stroke that counts. One stroke = one jelq.


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