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Jelq & clamp

Jelq & clamp

PE people,

I’m planning to combinate jelq exercises with cable clamps. Are there people who do combinate them? Is it reasonable to do the two types of exercises on one day? Or will it be better to jelq on monday, clamp on Tuesday, jelq on Wednesday etcetera. Or isn’t it good at all.

Thx for your reply,


It’s certainly reasonable to both on the same day or during the same PE session. If you’re new to PE, I would stick to just jelqing at first, give your cock a little time to get used to everything.


Hey vanloon. Welcome to Thunders!

How long have you been PEing? If the answer to this question is you are just starting or you have only bbeen doing it for a couple of weeks I would like to echo Sizemeister and suggest to manual jelq for a while to get conditioned. I am new myself (only three weeks in) and have found that at the beginning of PE less is more. I’ve been on the newbie routine and beleive it or not it is working great for me.

Good luck to you. You have found a great place here!



Actually I’m not a newbie. I PE for about a year now. I know this site for a few weeks, and it’s really use-full for me.

Normally I jelq for 35 / 40 minutes a day (5 day on, 2 day’s of) A week ago I bought a cable clamp and I must say that it gives me good pressure in the CC. But the jelq exercises had me given 0,5 inch girth gain so I don’t wanna stop with that. That’s why I want to combine the two exercises

But Sizemeister: what is most profitably in your opinion?

1) to do the two types of exercises on one day
2) to jelq on Monday, clamp on Tuesday, jelq on Wednesday etcetera
3) to do only one type of girth exercise; clamp or jelq

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