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Jelq at zero degree of erection

Jelq at zero degree of erection

Hello gentlemen fellow PE rs.

My question: I have a friend who has been doing hundreds of kegels a day for several years. He is able to orgasm more than ten times a day because the strength of contraction of his pelvic muscles is powerful enough to hold back the sperm as he cums so he keeps the stamina going. When he do and ejaculate it goes more than 3 feet away. Sometimes much farther.

He is a very experienced PEer, his PC muscle is a massive bulge. Well, as a experienced PEer, as I just mentioned, his opinion should count for me. He developed a great looking strong unit which hangs low and “veiny” when soft and very thick and very veiny when hard and an exceptionally long foreskin which permits a hard-on and still maintain the head covered if he wishes.

I am saying all this because I believe his opinion should count. He is actually the only “case of successful PE” I saw in person. So here comes my question for all, specially our “Mentors and local Gurus” if I am lucky enough for my humble post to be read by them.

He swears he had only dry jelqed all his PE life and he has always done it at zero percent erection, after he is already sexually exhausted masturbating. He says that to play about with a dick with blood in is Masturbation and if masturbation did make dicks to grow we would see giant dicks all over. (!) He says that if is pleasurable in any way it is not making it grow.. He also says that the dry jelqs were responsible for his long foreskin.

So what would be the input of our Masters on the subject. Thank you and cheers.

Thanks for the post, parada-quente.

One small comment - I added paragraph breaks to your post. It can be hard to read one long continuous block of text.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

As to your friend’s approach, if it works for him, that’s great! It certainly is not risky to jelq a flaccid dick.

I disagree that to jelq with a penis with some degree of erection is masturbation. Jelqing is a different process than masturbation. In jelqing with some degree of erection, part of what you are doing is moving the blood within the penis in a way that you do not do in masturbation.

Jelqing with some degree of erection has worked for many, many men here. But if you want to give jelqing with zero erection a try, go ahead and let us know how it works out for you.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I have never jelqued with any sort of erection, unless I had an erection prior to the session….and I`ve gained almost an inch of length since starting last december.

Flaccid dry-jelqs are good for length and girth.

Wow.. Would love to know more from you fellas who’ve been dry jelqing flaccid.. How long have you guys been doing it, and what difficulties did you have to overcome?

Thanks for the input, guys.

This is definitely a big puzzle to me. I am just happy to learn that what I always considered impossible, actually is not !

How could completely flaccid dry jelqs be good for girth? And it’s kind of really hard to jelq a flaccid dick if you don’t have an okay flaccid girth it’s like you’re jelqing a wire or something.

As someone who has always struggled with injuries, would any of you suggest a flaccid - 30% erection level for jelqing? Could this help avoid the frustration of a week of PE followed by a week long break to recover from a worn out dick.

Originally Posted by bill6275

As someone who has always struggled with injuries, would any of you suggest a flaccid - 30% erection level for jelqing? Could this help avoid the frustration of a week of PE followed by a week long break to recover from a worn out dick.

Dry jelqs only, I don’t see much point in flaccid wet jelqs. Ease up on your grip.

My flaccid length is 5 1//4” and probably 4” girth, so I never have problems gripping.

The only problem I`ve ever encountered while dry-jelqing was tearing the skin due to gripping and pulling too hard, which I`ve since backed off.

I probably get 3-400 dry jelqs in during a day in 100 rep sets, either after a piss or during a workout.

Maybe this is just a difference in how words are being used. To me my truly flaccid penis is when it does not have extra blood/engorgement in it.

When I jelq, or have jelqed in the past, I don’t do it fully erect, but, I also want more blood in it than what is normally there. I either kegel blood into my unit, or, I have to do something to get blood in so that there is enough to force down my shaft if wet, or engorge my shaft if dry jelqing.

If I have caused my unit to now be more engorged than my standard flaccid… well… that is the same as some level of erection, even if at the low end of the scale, because it is no longer my true flaccid.

So, I am a little unclear on how anyone would be jelqing with a truly zero degree of erection, starting with their true flaccid unit. At that level it is not jelqing, it is simply stretching/pulling. As I jelq I am causing my unit to be engorged (the point of jelqing) and so again, it is no longer my flaccid unit.

as a further note, if he has just finished some marathon sex, his unit is very likely well engorged already when starting the dry jelqs. It may not be standing at attention, but it likely has far more blood in it than his standard flaccid.
This acts much the same as a good warm up.

The only thing I see in your friends statement is that in his experience he has had good success in PE with ejaculation prior to doing his routine, but the routine itself is not presented as anything new.

It is always good to hear of the success stories. Thanks for sharing it.

I am not a Master, but I have gained over 1.5 inches in length and most of the first inch was through variations on the newbie routine consisting mainly of wet and dry jelqing and stretching. It certainly works and your friend is another fine example.

The following is based on my opinion and experience:
A word of caution on jelqing (both wet and dry) - pay attention to your technique because it can create / increase turkey neck. Turkey neck increases when the base skin is being stretched up the shaft instead of shaft skin being stretched with the shaft.

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