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I've been PEing for a few days and need help

I've been PEing for a few days and need help

Ok everyone, I’ve been doing the PE for a few days and I’ve got a few observations. I hope you can all help me out.

First off, lets say that we all do the PE for our mates, and not necessarily OURSELVES as truly candid interviews reveal the opposite. Size DOES matter, but fear can matter much more. Many females act macho these days due to all the magazines and media representations. As men we also feel the need to act macho with are big cocks. We definitely don’t need bigger cocks, but, well our egos, or lack thereof, get in the way. First experiences and such can shape the inner person much more than anything.

Personally, I have little problem intimately, other than sometimes being too soft, or getting tired too early. (I need to loose weight). In fact I am not intimate so often as my mate needs a break from being stretched. Even the length can be an issue, and I’m not huge!

I suggest the reading ” How to have an Orgasm .. As often as you want, Life Changing Secrets for Women and Their Partners,” by Rachel Swift. A few quotes:

My Partner’s Penis is Too Small!
I wonder just how many thousand times each year despairing women utter this exclamation. Perhaps understandably, many women who are unable to climax feel that their lack of success must be due to the size of their partner’s organ. I have to admit I’m tempted to answer, “Yes, only with a great whopper can a woman be truly satisfied,” simply to reduce some egos a little – certain men seem absolutely obsessed with huge penises. That might make them a little less critical of women’s sexual parts. However, … size makes little difference to a woman’s ability to climax. So, next time you’re confronted with at little weenie, don’t despair. The vagina is very elastic and therefore accommodates itself nicely to organs large and small.

… Reading a lot of erotic literature will tell you – it’s men not women, who are obsessed with enormous cocks. … A too-big one is downright uncomfortable.

… Several women I’ve met succeeding in having an orgasm with their lover, where they had consistently failed with their husband … Since the organs were pretty much the same size (and, in two cases, the lovers’ were smaller), this is good evidence that it’s the use a penis is put to, rather than it’s dimensions that counts. Page. 148

Another section:

The Unpalatable Male

…. Fear of the penis (REMEMBER THAT THIS IS A BOOK FOR WOMEN BY A WOMAN), and all it represents, is a common one – more common than you may think. However much we feel aroused, there is no doubt that a naked man, with a 7-inch erect penis can be threatening. As Julie points out:

It’s not so much that it looks large because I like the idea of a big one, but that it looks so terribly uncompromising. Once you see it you can’t help thinking “good-bye, tenderness, hello beast.”

Some days I don’t mind so much, but it can seem such and unemotional thing.

This sort of abstract anxiety is at the heart of a lot of female dissatisfaction. For Pat it was plain ode distaste:

Such a big red horrible-looking object. I can’t remember where it was, but I remember reading as a child in some dirty book … about the penis’s purple head and read balls. A cock was always painted in the most lurid colors. … When I saw one properly … I almost felt sick. I mean all those veins and that sort of “throbbing” look. It looked like a growth – a tumor, maybe, So ugly.

I know that MOST of you can relate to all of the above. I myself have had experiences of women looking in fear, holding it and saying something like, “It’s so big, long, fat and ugly.” This is something that they definitely don’t like, at the same time WE feel almost happy about. – Hmmm, and we still want bigger cocks. She tells me I’m too big, and I too want to be larger. I think maybe we’ve been brainwashed or something.

At any rate, it’s a great book and teaches women how to Orgasm as much as possible, be positive … etc. Well worth the read, exercises … etc.

After the women do the exercises they are more responsive, and hornier. So continue the PE for yourself for the next 6 months, but make sure that your woman also works on herself. This book is a great start. I like this quote:

If I know I’m going to want it in the evening, I give him a blow job during the day. Just after he gets back from work. This slows him down later in the evening and makes him feel he owes me something too.

- Ahh I could live with that. J


Penile Enlargement Exercises: This is how I do them and what I have noticed:

The Newbie Routine
1. 5 minutes hot wrap
- I take a HOT shower.

2. 5 minutes manual stretch (ten 30-second stretches)
- I have not incorporated these yet, as I use the AndroPenis, I felt this to be redundant.

3. 10 minutes of jelq (two hundred 3-second strokes)
- I don’t know the time spent on these. I do, however, perform 100 of these in the hot shower with lots of soap. I have NOT been able to have any erection at all while doing these. I am essentially doing flaccid stretches from side to side. I have never really been able to get hard in a shower. I can get quite hard otherwise, but have had erection problems as well. Another reason for me to loose weight.

4. 5 minutes hot wrap
– Still in the shower.

5. 50 kegels of five second holds each
– I’ve been doing Kegels for years, but this one is a little tough. I have, however, been able to isolate the muscles quite well, to the point where I can raise the testicles.

Right After the shower I dry off and get the AndroPenis unit ready.
I received the AndroPenis on Friday March 3, 2006. On that day I wore it with 2cm axes for three hours and the noose for 3 hours. On Saturday I wore it for 3 hours with the 4cm axes and a silicone sheath behind my glans and the noose on top of the sheath. Sunday was the same. Monday I wore two sheaths back to back for 3 hours. Tuesday I wore the AndroPenis for 4 hours with the two sheaths and another sheath with a head on it to prevent slippage. Today, Wednesday, I wore the unit for 4 hours, with another 2 hours to go. I use lots of Corn Starch on the Penis and AndroPenis.
So far I’ve noticed that I can wear the traction device for about 30min without feeling it. I can get up to about 1.5 – 2 hrs before I have to take it off. After the first 30min I have to readjust it due to slipping out. The sleeve with the head stays in the noose, however.

According to the manual, you should wear the unit for 3 hours for the first 5 days, 6 hours for the next five days, 8 hours for the next 5 and then 9 hours from then on. I will replace the sling in the next few minutes to complete the 6 hours for today.
That seems to be a little bit difficult in the real world as you can’t really sit or move much with the unit on. Walking is more likened to waddling. Or perhaps it is simply because I’m new to the unit. As I have read in another thread, the beginning is really tough and gets easier as the skin becomes more pliable and the head becomes a little more enlarged to accommodate the noose.

If there is anyone with any further suggestions on the Newbie Exercises and the difficulties I am having or tips on the use of the Traction device, or modifications therein, please let me know.


I’ve noticed the following:

Last week, when I started PE, I recorded a very HIGH LOT of 12 - 11. Since doing the PE and Traction for 6 days I’ve noticed a LOW LOT.

Is that supposed to happen?

I wear the traction device pointed downwards for half the time and upwards the rest of the time. I do the stretches from side to side as illustrated above.

So, what gives? Perhaps I really don’t understand the theory. I’ve read just about all there is on the forum. Any suggestions, or threads that I may have missed?

For me, I do PE for myself, not for any girlfriend or partner, and probably because of my big ego. And I don’t care about what my partner might say, or criticize on my penis.

Get rid of that noose. They are dick killers. See if MB’s autoextender head will fit your traction device, if not you need to look into some other ADS.

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

Avg_joe - I think that is why we are all here, how ever wrong or right it may be.

Big Girtha - I’ve heard a few arguments from both sides of the noose debate. I’m not sure how much better the AutoEXT will be on a natural penis. Most of the attachments cost the same amount as I paid for the device, some pills and some cream.

Other than that, I’m using my own modifications for the device. No problems yet. Same as the typical problems found here. Wearing for a max of 1.5-2hr before having to take it off. I’m going to treat the AndroPenis the same as Clamps: max of 20min on.

I haven’t had a chance yet today to do any PE, I will start in 30min and shoot for 6 hours of traction.


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