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It's Official

It's Official

Sadly, I feel I’m going to need ANOTHER 2-3 week break.

While PEing today I accidently ejaculated, the second time this has happened in two days. Was it because of too strong an erection. No not at all, my erections are weaker and thinner than they’ve been in months. I’ll admit it does seem longer though.

I’ve been performing only 100 jelqs and 10 minutes of stretching a day and working up to more, but before that I was performing lots of difficult exercises which did supply me with around .25-.35 in terms of length in 3 months. My goal for the lesser exercises was to see where my dick was after taking lots of medications. And to test the Is Lesser More Theory. Which didn’t work for me, I had really hoped X.X

Yeah so. I’m going to be taking a break because my EQ for some reason is attrocious.

If anyone can give me any advice on a routine for increasing EQ or a LOT 6 o clock, limiting factor is EQ not the ligs, hard gainer Id be thrilled.
Wish me Luck guys, I still remain positive, even after these hard 6 months of .4 inch gain.

Thanks for your support. I’ll try to stick around.


Seeya around Thick Cock, Marinera, Headstrong, newnew97, kingpole, and anyone else that I’ve become friends with.

Hello sir,

Are you doing any kegels in your P.E work out?

Try it they work wonders for the E.Q also try some edging it really helps for the E.Q and ejaculation mastery.

I have managed to increase my LOT slightly using these exercises.

If you do not mind, what are the medicines you are taking and for what ailments?

Also, are you taking any supplements that could help you with the E.Q?

Take care,

P.S: Try doing these two exercises even while you are on a break.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

I don’t know any supplements to help with E.Q. I quit all medications including flexeril, depakote, vicodin, and Xanax. They have me pilled up Nikka!!!! Yeah Sweet good advice. Yeah i just started doing kegels again. I’ll get that EQ up before i come back.

There are plenty out there sir.

Make a search around here you will get a lot of information.

Personally I like Ginseng, within 2 weeks of daily intake I get more easily aroused and my erections are harder.

Mind me asking didn’t you get any withdrawal symptoms from quitting all these medicines?

Anyways Xanax is a definitive erection killer, I use to take it.

You’ll have to wait for sometime for all things get back to normal.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Dry Jelq and kegel after you masturbate, once your erection has subsided to 70% or so. What you do is hold a kegel as you go back to make your grip, and then continue with the jelq. This should put an abnormal amount of blood in your penis, and you should get great expansion (at least I do). I don’t know why, but masturbating first always seems to get the blood flowing right.

Anyway, this has always given me awesome EQ, maybe it will work for you. Oh, and this used to be all I did for PE and I gained 1/2” in BPEL. My LOT is 6 o’clock.


"Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I primarily started PE because of EQ issues. You can read the start of my progress report for the sad details but let me say it was emotionally crushing to have EQ problems at the time I did. I started turning it around some by taking Orexis. This is a supplement that is not marketed as something to make your penis bigger, but improve performance. My results were pretty good and my EQ problems while I was having sex in non-pressure situations and during PE or other times was fine. Remaining however were EQ problems during higher pressure situation… specifically during threesomes I was having. Just something about having two women there at the same time made me so anxious my hardons were like 75%.

So next I ordered a sample pack of cialis, viagra, and levitra to see if that would work better. Let me say the difference is night and day. When I took the full 20mg of Cialis I had leg pains (a known side effect) so I cut my dosage to 10mg. Now I have no side effects but EQ problems are a thing of the past. I know a lot of people don’t want to use pills to solve the problem but I’m delighted that I don’t have to worry about the EQ anymore. The nice thing about Cialis is that it works for 36 hours or so.

When I went on vacation I didn’t take any of my EQ pills because I checked no baggage and didn’t want a scene at the airport where they were demanding prescriptions and all that embarrassment. I had taken a Cialis about 24 hours before my trip. EQ stayed pretty good for about four days but by the fifth day without I could definitely notice I was turteling more and my flaccid size was considerably less. Now I would say that EQ was still way better than before I had done any PE or EQ drugs but definitely I was struggling.

My point on all this is that I’m convinced that Cialis is helping me with not only EQ but also PE. The increased blood flow seems to make my workouts far more productive and I never turtle. It also seems to give me considerable more girth and a little more length as well. At a cost of only about $2 a dosage ($4 a pill but I take 1/2 at a time) every three days it’s a no brainer for me to keep doing it. My only natural concern is side effects but with the half dosage it doesn’t seem to be an issue. Viagra works for me as well but because it only lasts for 3-4 hours it just doesn’t do what I want for helping PE and preventing the turtle from coming around.

At least one thing for you to consider is you probably wouldn’t have to suspend PE at all because of EQ if the Cialis works for you. I am also a big believer in the Kelgs and I don’t intend to get dependent on Cialis or anything like that. But there is no use suffering EQ if you don’t have to. It seems that the increased blood flow from the drug does help the penis function better and even after not taking Cialis for seven plus days I was still better off than before using any suppliments at all.

Started Nov2008: EL 5.5", EG 4.5"

Dec 20th: EL 5.75", EG 4.9"

Progress Log

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Gingko Biloba works wonders for me. Edging is second to none for doing it the supplement free way though.

I'm consistent in spurts, but gains are undeniable!

2007: BPEL 5.5" / MSEG 4.7" / BG 5.5"

2017: BPEL 6.8" / MSEG 5.3" / BG 6"

Thanks dudes. Yeah I’ve tried extenze, But the thing is, and tryingtobebig, you pointed this out. When coming off a medication that gives u harder wood. The after effects for me are turtling too and a smaller flacid. Not to bust your balls, but having taken that stuff kinda. And Cialis is BY FAR the strongest. I would say , give it a rest sometime. But I hear it makes ur girth permanently bigger I don’t really now. but in my experience, not to scare you, but when i came off 3 moths of extenze, I was smaller than when i started >.>. But I could also attribute that to jelqing with too high an erection level. So who knows, but I’m skeptical

Anyways I’m ranting, yeah.

Danman, thanks for the advice and warnings. I certainly don’t pretend to know what it’s going to be like longterm. My thought on how it can possibly make the girth permanently bigger is that the extra blood flow over time stretches out the tissues much like jelqing. One of my intentions is to use the Cialis much like a chemical ADS… to keep the ‘stretch’ going for hours at a time. I have done a bit of experimentation of keeping an erection for about 30 minutes, rest for 5 minutes, then erect for 30, rest for 5, etc. I was able to keep this going for about 6 hours one day. While I don’t have conclusive evidence I think there maybe potential there.

As far as being smaller than when you started is it possible you get used to the increased size and then when it starts to subside it looks smaller than before?

Personally I had real problems with a tiny flacid when I started anyway. I’ve always been a grower not a shower. I’m also a big turtler so I felt like it was really impeding my gains and keeping my workout from being as productive. I will agree that after being off Cialis for seven days my flacid size was noticeably smaller.

I’m in the camp that while I strongly believe that a pill can’t make you bigger by itself I think they can maybe help in conjunction with regular PE. I know they help with EQ but as you said once you stop taking the pills then you are back where you started possibly. That is why I continue to believe in doing Kelgs and all the other PE stuff that helps with EQ.

So did you notice that extenze helped with size at all, even if just temporarily? Or was it more just better EQ that was making it look bigger. That’s what I feel like Cialis is doing. There is no doubt I’m bigger when I take it but I think it’s just because the EQ is 110% compared to 75%. Plus I know for a fact my flacid is quite a bit larger as well.

Don’t worry about ranting. I do it all the time as you can see!

Started Nov2008: EL 5.5", EG 4.5"

Dec 20th: EL 5.75", EG 4.9"

Progress Log

Try having a look at L-Arginine instead of taking Cialis.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Not sure if this is truly the case but even with your lighter routine, you could be overtraining.

Originally Posted by padawan
Try having a look at L-Arginine instead of taking Cialis.

Good advice. They work on the same physiologically mechanism.

Another week and I’ll be back in action. I kind of want to wait until i can afford an ADS though. EQ has improved 15%, up to about 85% EQ. I’ve had 100% before. I’m laying off the weed due to the fact that I suspect is shrinks ur testicles. Maybe ill take even another week, and measure, and post.

BTW Has anyone heard of other people being able to shrink someones penis, based on the laws of attraction\Positive and negative thoughts\black african magic from the congo or voodoo, possibly adding it onto their own. Because, call me crazy, but i suspect someone has done this to me before. I don’t think its impossible.

And I ain’t afraid to bring it up.


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