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IT's never too late

IT's never too late

I stared pe a couple years ago but decided to stop ,after 3 months of no gain. As below average I may
Be I’ve never had any problems or not satisfied my partner ( that is until a couple weeks ago) .
After a harsh argument with with my lady of 6 years I got the worst bash one could get .
She said ” your dick aint shit compared to what I’ve had “. No mater now much she tries to make up, for what she said , it still bothers me. So .. I am back to TP, I’m back , and I’m sticking to this , now for me . I’ve been on it for three weeks and I have gains already . .25 BPEL - mid EG.25 .

I’ve tried to post pics in member pics , so I can have a before pic but the site doesn’t seem to let me .
I’m doing the newbie routine with out kegls , would that affect me ?
Also I’m going to start pumping , would you guys recommend to start now or wait ?
Thanks for the insite

Probably keep what you’re doing for a while before you think about pumping. But it’s entirely up to you. If you do start go lightly. You could end up toughening your penis up. I’d just stick with whatever is already working for you.

Oh and you may need to re size pictures to upload. Is that the problem? Or because you have few posts. If you need to re size just click edit picture, go into paint. Click image at the top then sketch/skew then there’s a % change. If you type 50% x 50% it will half the picture. Just experiment and hopefully it will come out the right size. I’d also save it under a different name so you keep the original.

May be it’s not enough post , it says I’m not able to access . Am going to do the newbie routine for at least 2 months , then lite pump. How many post is needed

You still don’t have a problem satisfying your partner. She just said a very mean thing that hurt you. No matter what she does she can’t undo the statement. Let her keep trying to make it up to you, but I understand that you will never forget it.

On PE. I highly recommend continuing the newbie routine including Kegels until you are no longer gaining. Then move on to more advanced PE including Pumping.

When you get as much gains out of newbie routine as you can and if you want more length I would recommend hanging first before pumping. Most threads on here and other places go that it is better to focus on length first then to work on girth. Also some have increased girth as the gain length. If your main goal is to gain girth then go into pumping.

Also highly recommend taking a penis inventory and starting a detailed log of your PE efforts. This will help you figure out what is working for you and what is not. Also taking some pictures with measurements of where you started is a good idea.

I hope your GF makes up for the hurt she has caused you.

Take care and happy gains.

4Foreskin ;)

She said ” your dick aint shit compared to what I’ve had “.

The proper response to this is, “So that’s why you have a pussy the size of a bucket.”

I agree. Save the girth work for last. Get that length while you can.

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No Nukes

Originally Posted by diegoromo1

May be it’s not enough post , it says I’m not able to access . Am going to do the newbie routine for at least 2 months , then lite pump. How many post is needed

You need 30 posts to be able to start a thread in any forum. Until then you’re limited to the Newbie Forum. You can still get your pic thread started now by creating a new thread in Newbie with a title about you and your progress. Include your photo (make sure it’s the correct size - 800 x 600 pixels is max). When a moderator goes to approve your photo she/he will see that the thread belongs in the Member’s Pics forum and move it before approving the image. That’s the only way you can do it now. You’re welcome to wait for your 31st post if you want. :)

Thanks guys for indite, I’m goin to post pics in newbie sec.

I was readin , that you can use pumpin for legth as well . Any truth to that?

diegoromo1 - I’ve turned on the spell checker for your account to help with things like “indite,” “goin,” “readin,” “pumpin,” and “legth.”

See: Vacuum Pumping 101

Some people think vacuum pumping can help with length. My opinion is that it’s a temporary fix.

I’m very sorry to hear that she said such awful things to you. That is obviously very hurtful and may not even be true. There is the chance that she said it out of anger to hurt you in an area she perceived you are sensitive about. I wouldn’t mind too much with the comment and work as hard as possible to show her in a year or two after hard work with PE what you are capable of.

Congratulations on the quick gains, by the way.

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