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It's Been A While.

It's Been A While.

After a long hiatus following a brief period of activity back when I joined (Oct. 2012), I’m posting here to say that I am officially getting back into PE again. I had lurked frequently in the time away, dallied with jelqing and the newbie routine on and off, got some small gains, lost them from inactivity, effectively giving me the same starting point I had when I first joined. Although I could take the pessimistic view and say that I am back to square one, three things I have now which I didn’t then keep me confident that I can reach my goal of 8x6 (with the max being 8.25x6.3) eventually. For starters, I have experience gained from reading posts by some of the forum vets and experts, (big thanks to Firegoat on that point), secondly, I have a much more stable life situation which allows for a dedicated PE routine. Finally, I have firsthand experience that my routine was working before, getting me up to 6.25 NPBL after jelqing on some days and nearly 6” of EG.

Having to start at the bottom again isn’t the worst thing in the world; I’ve taken my period of inactivity and brought about changes in other areas which, in turn, has given me a huge confidence boost (although a bigger unit can’t hurt in that department, either! :P) However, because I am effectively starting off fresh, I’m posting in the newbie forum here as a re-introduction. It’s been about a month and a half since I started actively pursuing a regular routine, with numerous tweaks and changes improving it over that time, but I feel like today is the first time in a very long time that I finished my session and felt like it was a good workout, as opposed to a good attempt. I will be posting my routine over in the progress reports section (no pictures, though!), but this post is just to say that I’m back, I’m eager, I’m confident, and I’ll be playing a more active rĂ´le around the site. :)

Hi. The coffee is warm.

Thanks, marinera, it’s good to be back.


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