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It's been a while- need help

It's been a while- need help

I’m ready to hang. It’s been another month i’ve waited and researched and now it’s go time. I’m going to use an AFB but i have a question.

Is it better to hang while sitting or standing while using the afb device? Thank u.


I take it you mean Tom’s homemade AFB. I don’t hang but I’ve put down a few thoughts that may be useful (or may not).

If you can hang sitting down then do. If you prefer to stand then stand. The AFB has a few nasty sticking out bits that would seems to make it harder to find a comfortable position but even with that limitation you should be able to do most things people do with bibs. I guess you have to watch out for twisting and OTS and BTC may be harder but hanging straight down on the edge of a chair or standing should work you may even be able to get interesting angles by placing the hanger on the edge of the chair.

Hopefully a seasoned hanger will add an answer to this.


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