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Is this small


Is this small

Hey I’m wondering if my penis is small it’s 5.5 inches long while erect and 5.2 inches thick I just started the newbie routine last night so I’m gonna start doing that from now on, I’ve only been with 1 girl and she didn’t say anything about it but is that a small size?

Length is average, girth is a little above average. Good luck with the newb routine!

Its average

Dude I thought I was the smallest 1 here.. Woo hoo I’m not!! But our not much behind me. I’m 6 an a smidget lol. I’m also new here man and I just started newbie thing like a few days ago.. Well nice to meet a nother first timer like myself.. Hey atleast you been with a girl though. I have not yet but until now it’s been choice. But I’m not longer gonna pass that up lol specially with my gf, if she wants to I’m gonna go for it

No there’re plenty of small people here. They just don’t post.

Plenty of guys with a smaller starting size that post, just less likely to be forthcoming about what size they are. This is to bad because we are all here to get bigger so your starting size is just that, your starting size. Also it’s the internet and nobody knows or cares who you are off line. Besides, giving someone a hard time about being on the small size is a sure way to have one of the mods crawl out of a guys monitor and stick his computer right up his ass. Figure for every guy posting about starting out at 7”s another guy is starting at under 5”s and not saying anything. Every now and then a new guy will say, “fuck it!”, and post about his 4.5” starting size. When this happens the thread is flooded with responses by others that started out a bit on the small size and are grateful someone has broken the silence.

Depending on which study you want to go with 5.5”s is under average, average, or just over average. 5.2”s girth is well on the chubby side no matter which study you go by.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Nice starting girth stats. Welcome and Good luck.

How do you measure girth? Lol is girth a big deal to girls?

Originally Posted by Kyromoto
How do you measure girth? Lol is girth a big deal to girls?

Are you kidding? It’s the most important measurment.

Looks like you are about average. Get a bone pressed (BP) lenght measurment to be sure.

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Originally Posted by Kyromoto

How do you measure girth?

YOu grab a ruler, a super hard one made of titanium steel. Then bend it around your penis using superhuman strength. Failing in this, you can always try a tape measure. It is frowned upon by girth measuring purists, who prefer a technique consisting of heroic feats of power, but it does get the job done.

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:rolling: Jesus, the comedy writing team here could rival that of any television show.

Originally Posted by Kyromoto
Lol is girth a big deal to girls?

Put it to you this way - I’d give a full inch off my 7” length for another inch of girth…

Okay, half an inch, but still. Yes it’s important.

Dude, you are totally fine with that size dick. If a girl laughs at that size, she had the unlikely experience of only being with very well endowed gents. Now, go out and fuck some women.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Look at my sig then ask yourself if yours is small. But I’m catching up, hahaha.

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Lmao huff your great lol.. Abracadabra how long have you been doing the exercises? And how “worth it” do you think it is?

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