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Is this normal

Is this normal

I just started a few days ago and after the first two days, it took me a little longer to get just semi erect. Is that normal? I might have done it too much or stretched too much. I can feel something under base, like it feels when you pull on it. I’m guessing that’s normal too? I warmed up for 5-10 mins., simple stretched for 5-10 mins., wet jelqing for 10-15 mins., then warm down. I might be pulling too hard because I too eager for results.

It’s not overly unusual. See how you feel after your day off. If you’re back to normal, then great. If you can still feel some negative effects, then rest until back to normal and when you re-start PE, then do a little less and work up over a few weeks back to this level whilst keeping track of how your penis is reacting to the PE. If every thing is ok after your rest day then you should think of doing less in your routine and ramp back up to this level of PE over a few weeks.

Good luck!

Thanks! Actually, I’ve rested a day already. I started to doing it again yesterday but I thought I might stop until it goes away. I’ll wait a little longer.

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