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Is this jelqing technique ok

Is this jelqing technique ok

I have problems keeping my erection level around 70-80 percent when jelquing. I tend to lose it by the 10th stroke, sometimes less. So I’ve experimented and found a way to keep my penis hard.

Lets say I am starting with my right hand using the “OK” grip. As soon as I slide it up and it reaches towards my mid shaft, I take my left hand and squeeze the base of my penis using the “OK” grip, getting it ready for a jelque.
I then continue sliding my right hand up towards the head of my penis. Then I repeat. I noticed that once I squeeze the base of my penis as soon as the jelquing hand reaches mid shaft, my penis bulges and becomes bigger/fatter.

Is this an ok or proper way to jelque? I noticed when doing this technique, my penis stays harder and I see alot of veins popping out as if they are going to burst!

Use a gentler grip, and try to jelq between 30-70% at least in the beginning. Some men use porn or thoughts to try and keep it hard during jelqing and its OK for the erection level to fluctuate throughout your session.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with what you are doing unless you use a tight grip, remember to stay in the comfort zone and monitor your PIs.

Not watching porn and cutting back on masturbating will do wonders for maintaining an erection level. Either way, eventually you will learn to maintain a constant level. I use a similar technique to your’s when I am jelqing, but I throw in kegels to really force the blood in there.

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