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Is this a REAL gain

Is this a REAL gain

I have only been doing this (stretching) for about a week. But in that short time my soft penis is considerably longer (I mean considerably!) Is this good, normal, and will this also show in the erect state, cause so far it doesn’t. Also, how long should it take to get a very noticeable gain when your LOT is about 9? Thanks, any replies are good replies.

A friend once told me, stretch it, alot, but remember that a rubber band has it’s breaking point. So be careful.

Also, how much should a person actually stretch in a day?

Yes, its normal. Flaccid gain is the easiest gain, and pretty much everyone gains early and easily.

Follow the newbie routine in stretching when your starting out. I personally do about 20 minute stretches, but its been almost 2 months for me now. How much you gain depends on you.
And use the search function first.

Good luck with your PE.

Read a thread somewhere about positive indicators. Your Flaccid gain should show you your doing things correct & perhaps EL gains are to come. Out of interest, what are your gains?

In the short amount of time it has been almost an inch.

Nice gains mate, congrats.

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