Is this a huge difference between MSEG and Base EG

I know I’m new to Thunders, but I did a search on this subject and wasn’t able to find any information on my own penile measurement disparity. I’ve found lots of threads about the so-called baseball bat effect, but mine is the opposite. My MSEG is 4 3/4” and my base girth is 5 3/8”. That’s a 5/8” difference, and visually I’ve also really notice that my dick is changing from what appeared to be a pretty standard cylinder to something more like those red hats that Devo wore (for those of you to young to know what I’m talking about, here’s a link: evo.JPG). I took measurements today in part because I’d noticed this effect during the week and it’s been almost a month since I started my new, dedicated regime.

This regime has been a 5on/2off program of:
- Min. 5 minute warm up with rice sock
- 30 seconds of helicopter shakes
- Between 2.5-5 minutes of manual stretching in the 5 directions
- 30 seconds of helicopter shakes
- Between 10-15 minutes of wet jelqs, a mix of overhand and underhand grips
- Depending on time, I’ve also done warholds (between 2-6 sets). I’d say 65% of the days I’ve done these holds.
- Warm-down

Most days I will get one 10-minute clamp in as well, sometimes two, and sometimes none. When I clamp, I kegel through the entire 10-minutes to keep it erect and bulging. Additionally every day, but especially on off days, I will do some free-style PE stuff as well: helicopter shakes, erect bends, edging, wrapping the entire package AND the base of my cock with a tensor bandage, BTC stretches, fowfers, etc. I try to keep this light and flexible. The routine above is my bedrock, everything else is sometimes.

My questions:

1) Is this discrepancy (5/8”) anything to worry about? Especially because my memory could be faulty—perhaps I always had this discrepancy, but I’ve really noticed a girthier base.
2) Is there anything in my routine that might be causing this disproportionate growth in base girth over mid-shaft girth?
3) Should I be clamping at both the base and the end of my shaft?

As a side note, I’ve ordered a silicone ADS and will be incorporating that as well, hopefully between 6-8 hours a day eventually.

Background (hopefully answering questions before they're asked)

  • I started PE-ing in July of 2010, but I wasn’t really dedicated and only did jelqs and stretches sporadically. My warmups were kind of lackluster, too.
  • I know some might say I started clamping too early, but I’ve been carefully monitoring my dick while I’m doing it.
  • I kegel regularly but without a specific regime. I posted in another thread about my unexpected success with multiple-orgasms thanks to kegels, so that may be part of it, too :confused: