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Is this a good routine and also have a question about stretching

Is this a good routine and also have a question about stretching

Have been PE for about 4 months and I havent measured / might have gained a little length.I am a little confused about if I should stretch at higher angles or lower angles with a LOT of 8? My goal is length first / is this a good start?

4 times a week / since I have room mates I have limited time

5 min hot wrap

8 min manual stretch (45-second stretches)

8 manual stretch while applying pressure down in the middle for 10 seconds. I think this is called a tunica stretch?

20-30 min of jelq (two hundred intense 3-second strokes)

5 min hot wrap

During other parts of the day I do btc but to the sides for about 10-30 minutes.

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You know, it’s hard to say whether a particular routine is good for anybody. I certainly can’t tell you it should be the routine for you, just for the simple fact that each individual has a tailored exercise routine consisiting of self-specific exercises that are, for the most part, developed by, and for themselves!

If I were to enact your routine, and you did this particular routine yourself as well along with me, it is a sure bet that we would see two differing results! You, perhaps, might have better yielding results than I, or maybe I would see more results than you.

The best bet for you would be to experiment with this routine for a while and see what, if any, results come from it!

You yourself are going to have the final judgment as to whether or not it is a good routine for you, based on your circumstances.

I can offer suggestions such as it could work if you give it a chance, if it doesn’t feel right, feel free to change it, things of this nature. I can’t tell you to do this, or do that, as you yourself will be the only one to know how your penis responds to certain exercises. And from this understanding of one’s self, you can tailor a routine to your specific needs.

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Haven’t measured in four months? that takes some will power. You likely gained more than you guess. Your routine seems solid assuming that your jelqs are firm and not too light. Let us know what you got when you measure.

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