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Is my man destroying his penis


Thanks everyone for your replies.I guess I should also be asking him more of there questions.I’ll keep you posted.

Violet, I think he would get more out of his PE program if he posted his concerns here himself. Not that your concerns are not valid ones. :)



He doesn’t really think there is a problem.I am the one that is worried.Which is why I posted in here.

You are right to be concerned due to the serious discoloration, these are blood capillaries at the skin surface that are rupturing and causing the blackness. Clamping is a very extreme activity that has become quite popular due to the excessive engorgement it creates for the penis. If a person becomes over zealous with clamping the results are not always the most positive. I have never clamped and have gained quite a bit in girth and overall size and would never recommend clamping because the girth improvements can be achieved in safer alternative techniques. You will have difficulty dissuading him from this practice; as long as his penis does not fall off, he will probably continue this barbaric clamping.

He said he is using 4clamps to the last notch and he is filling with that normal?

He’s penis is not going to fall off, Lonely surfer.

Violet, using 4 clamps doesn’t give any better gains than using just one. I think your boy shoud read more around here. Nevertheless, I don’t think you have that much to be worried at.

It is difficult to guide you as a secondary party and a woman (to boot), you will have to trust your boyfriends judgment and his sensibilities for PE. There are a myriad of devices and styles or techniques for enlarging the penis, and as a woman it would be difficult to explain a lot of what is going on. You are going to have to rely on his judgement, if your boyfriend was a skydiver you would have to rely on his judgement when he jumps out of a plane…..if the discoloration bothers you or turns you off, you should tell him.

Actually, one clamp works better than four. I agree his dick will not fall off and disagree that clamping is a barbaric exercise. Nor do I see the discoloration as a serious problem, but many here take issue with the whole “dark dick” thing. Still he should read the clamping threads and use caution..

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The discoloration is not a big issue for me.I just don’t want him to suffer any damage from these exercises.

Pain is bad. Under no circumstance should he be experiencing pain or any sort of “tearing” sensation.

Clamping is a fairly advanced exercise and one with significant risks? Do you know how long he has been PE-ing?

Originally Posted by violet69
He said he is using 4clamps to the last notch and he is filling with that normal?

No one is going to say it? Really?

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I agree that he’s way over doing it. I found in my own experience that I gained more (and continue to gain) when I back off.
I discovered over the years that the more I PE’d, the lower my tolerance for over working became. Eventually I took about a 6 month break for it all. Except for some mild jelging when the mood took me. At the end of that break I felt as if I had lost a great deal of my gains so I jumped right back into pumping but at a more cautious pace.

During the first week of returning to PE I had some impressive results. It’s more than a year and a half since then and I’m pretty much down to just doing light maintenance stuff these days. The difference being though that this time the results seem to have been permanent. I’ve been doing this since 2004, maybe earlier. The changes didn’t come over night and I never thought I’d be doing this stuff 5 years later, but the changes do come. Tell your boyfriend to slow down. He is over doing it.

On another note:

I know many around here will disagree, but I don’t feel as if discoloration is “normal”. I think it’s another sign you’re being over zealous. Then again maybe I was just lucky. I have mangled my dick, pumped at insane levels, and taken Viagra and clamped, and have never experienced any discoloration.

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Originally Posted by RootCap
Except for some mild jelging when the mood took me.

I think that’s called “jerking off” …!



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Originally Posted by violet69
I”m not sure if he is pumping.and thank you for the kind words marinera.He has an incredable stamina still,his erections are pretty much the same.

But they will begin to subside. With a aggressive routine like that he won’t grow at all. He needs a decon break before something else breaks.

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What happened finally with the scars?? I’m very interested :(

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