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Is more better

Is more better

I’ve tried PE a few times in the past, but they were all half-assed attempts that lasted approx. 2-4 weeks. However, I’ve started getting into shape and I’ve gained a new sense of determination and a pinch of discipline that comes from working out every day. So, over the past 3 weeks I’ve been doing:

Stretches (standard tug down/up/side-to-side)
Wet Jelq’s (I aim for about 10 minutes but I usually fall short because my unit gets tired)
And some kegels

I got BPEL of just over 6” and I’d say 4-4.5” in girth (estimated with straight ruler). My question, that I indeed tried to search for but probably couldn’t find the right keywords for, is: Is doing more exercises better? Should I add in the V stretch or the tourniquet jelq? My Lot is 7, so I’m guessing that means I need to continue stretching out ligaments, but is there a problem with stretching ligaments AND the tunica at the same time? (More gains?) If so, which moves should I incorporate?

Thanks for any info, as soon as I get out of the ‘poverty-stricken college student’ phase I’ll be sure to donate.especially because I saw gains on my half-assed attempts haha.

Less is more in the start. You have enough for now, why do you pump now anyway? You should stick a few months to the newbie routine.

Started: 15.5cm x 12cm, Now: 19.5cm x 13.3cm, Goal: 21cm x 15cm

I'm going to reach my goal, and there is no one who can stop me! Yes, I'm a persistent bastard :D

My Pictures! I am back baby, and I will hang out with my wang out!

I started pumping because, as I looked through the list of moves, pumping appeared to be one of the easier things.AND I would like to see some nice girth-growth. I believe on the video guide section it explicitly states “for girth”, so I figured, what the heck?

There is a lot of debate between is less more, or is more better. You gotta listen to your body and find out.

BPEL - 5 5/8" --- Goal 6"

MSEG - 4.5 " ---- Goal 4.75 "

Stick with the newbie routine.

:_pump: :donatecar

Don’t injure yourself. You’ll get even more frustrated if you can’t even do your basic routine. Just my 2 cents.

Originally Posted by Cramster
Should I add in the V stretch or the tourniquet jelq?


Running a Massive Co-Front.

Thanks for the quick responses, I really appreciate the fact you guys are so willing to help out the newbies. Another question though, in the past few weeks I’ve grown somewhat fond of pumping, the stretch feels pretty good actually. Is there a specific reason why I shouldn’t do them or is it a, “you’ll understand later” type of thing?


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