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is it possible?

is it possible?

Too gain length and girth at the same time? It sounds like girth gains means length loss and vice versa. Is there a point too clamping and stretching at the same time?

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Not an expert but yeah most gains (from what i read) occur together. Mines have. Jelquing gives both length and girth and I hear hanging not only gives length but base girth as well b/c they say the inner penis (which is being pulled out) is fatter than the outer penis (what we see, the exposed usable portion of your dick).

hope this helps, but the bid dogs will be in soon to comment

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Heere We GOOooh!

It’s possible, but it depends on the person and the routine. It is commonly advised to go for length first. You don’t have to worry about losing girth from gaining length or vice versa, penis is not a rubber band. :)

Stretching and clamping is probably not a good idea because clamping is very intensive and makes the tissue tough so stretching would soon become futile. That’s why it’s good idea to go for length before girth.

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