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Is it possible to make your balls bigger


I was reading through my post, and I don’t mean to imply that you can boost natural T production with Clomid or Nolva on cycle. I don’t believe you can (or if it’s possible, it’s a negligible amount). Nolva is also really good at preventing the acne, a side effect of steroids.

Drink the most beer out of your friends, sleep with women, climb Mt. Everest, go skydiving, swim with sharks, fight in back alleys.. should make your balls grow lol if that doesnt work..…growacet+bp.jpg

Just my 2 cents. I haven’t ever measured the circumference of my balls, but I’m pretty sure they became visually larger when I started edging. Have you tried edging for a while?

I don’t know if any scientific studies can prove this, but I think the back up of jizz in my sack made them look visually larger. Maybe its just the agitation of oncoming “blue balls”? I don’t know. Give edging a try, even if you don’t masturbate/have sex everyday, try not to ejaculate when you do either. I don’t think I’ve ejaculated from masturbation in about a month, I’m sure my balls look bigger. Haven’t had much success in not ejaculating from sex though lol. My balls look smaller after blowing out all of their contents after sex.

Give it a try. Its great for EQ, and like I said it made my balls look a bit bigger. Maybe someone else who has experienced this can weigh in? Firegoat? Marinera? Good luck on the TE (testicle enlargement) bro.

Starting (1 July 2012): 16.5cm (6.4in)NBPEL; 10cm (3.94in) NBPFL; 12.3cm (4.84in) FG; 13.2cm (5.2in) EG.. NO FAT PAD!

Short Term Goal: 18.5cm (7in) NBPEL; 14cm (5.5in) EG.

Long Term Goal: 8x6!

According to the pay site : it is possible and even easy to do.
I haven’t paid for their ebook, but Ive read it. It’s about mainly two techniques:
1- Grab Your sack and squeeze (without pain!) with OK grip (overhand or underhand) to the moment when the balls starting to stretch the skin. It should look like some kind of mushroom. Some heat (avoid really hot water), lube and massage for 5 mins.
2- Stretch the sack only. You can do it in 4/5 direction ( I can’t remember): down, left, right, SO. Remember to stretch only scrotum and only necessary part of its skin. For example, during stretching down, grab the down of the skin. Remember to avoid stretching the balls itself and the sperm duct (in Polish it’s named nasieniowód).
I’ve done mainly the first one. After about month it gave me some results. In the e-book it is told that this exercise can stimulate testicles to produce more androgen and sperm. Don’t know, haven’t measured, but maybe…

This is proven by me, manual, idea for biggest and lower hanging balls. Hope You like it.
P.S. Both techniques can be painful sometimes. Avoid any pain. There could be some discomfort during first one, but it’s caused by some light pressure taking on epididymis. The structures inside scrotum is far more sensitive than penis.

A bit late but the post reference a disease causing a guy’s friend’s balls to grow is usually mumps. In adults, it causes testicular swelling. There was a video of a guy that clearly had mumps at one point - one of his balls was MASSIVE and the other was rather huge. Probably can’t link it here.

On topic, Damiana and Tongkat Ali have both given me temporary size increases. The tongkat, however, has roid-rage type side effects for me… so it’s not ideal, even though the size increase is MUCH greater than with damiana.

Since this is a topic of interest, I’d like to see it updated more often. Has anybody had experience with real cordyceps mushroom? It’s RIDICULOUSLY expensive but I hear it has the same size-effect as tongkat, without the aggression, while also increasing the secretion of other your other reproductive glands such as the cowper’s glands (precum) and seminal vesicles.


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