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Is it ok

Is it ok

I been jelqing and stretching and adding some clamping now and I was wondering if it’s ok to work length and girth at the same time ? Does it slow down the gains?


It’s OK to work length and girth at the same time. A lot of guys do PE that way. I don’t think it slows down gains, especially for a beginner.

Starting stats- BP 5x4.5 (2002) Current stats- PBEL 7.25x5.25 (2012) PE is a marathon, not a sprint!

Thanks higherone

what time you began PE

Begining At 11.05.09: El 6.0" Eg 4.92"

Short Term Goal : El 6.5" Eg 5.2"

Long Term Goal : El 7.5" Eg 6.0"

I wouldn’t be clamping so soon. You have to condition yourself.

Being injury-free is more important than speed.

I been doing jelqing and stretching for about 7 or 8 months now that’s why I felt like it’s ok to add clamping

have you done horse440 squeezes and ulis? I’d start with those before going to clamping, but assuming you’ve done enough toughening, 7-8 months isn’t so bad, as long as it was consistent.


I just like to preach ‘better safe than sorry’.

You right sunny thanks

Length first , then girth !


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