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Is hanging essential for me?

Is hanging essential for me?

Hi, I’m kinda new to this place and I’ve been wondering about gains on hanging after thorough reading. The thing is I’m 19 and heading for college in Australia and i doubt i can get a hanger and the weights nor the privacy to do it. I’ve been doing the standard workout with additional CW & CCW rotations, since 5 months ago but to no avail my flaccid length remains at 4’ and when erect is 5’5. In discovering this site, my problem might have been the techniques so i’ve downloaded the helpful videos just to be sure. Being an Asian, is my size too small? Or is my potential to grow paling in comparison to other race? (my lot is relatively low around 6:30) Furthermore, after college I’m going to head off to the army where public bathing is going to be the norm and I’m going to be ridiculed for my size. I hope the vets can help me out with any kind of helpful advice and on an end note, does tight underwear hinder growth, the V-cut ones are slightly tight that kinda bother me as opposed to the loose boxers.

There are Asians with small dicks and Asians with large dicks. You think you have a small dick, and you happen to be Asian. There’s no cause and effect, so don’t be laying the blame on your people. People are people, and the variation within each “race”—something I don’t believe is a real biological concept—far surpasses any differences on average across races. (By the way, I’m white). And moreover, your size is probably not that far from the norm. I’m a newbie myself, but apparently some of the stuff on this board has really worked for some people. Best of luck.

As far as the underwear question, I sort of have the same thoughts as you. Sometimes I am forced to wear briefs because of the cold and because I need the support, but they do feel a little constraining. My new solution, which I came up with a week ago, is to wear them kind of slightly lower, giving your johnson more room to hang. It feels a little weird, but I have the waistband kind of sitting on top of my pubes. I suspect it doesn’t make much difference, as long as you’re not wearing briefs so tight it makes your voice go up an octave.

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Rann, due to your lack of results so far, I encourage you to choose a training routine with several different exercises to cover all the bases. Hanging isn’t necessary but it could help. Your LOT is very low if it is 6:30. Tunica work is your best bet for length. If you can’t buy a hanger you could always make a chicken choker hanger. If it still wouldn’t work because of other circumstances then you should use manual stretching. That and jelqing at a 50-70% erection. Flaccid length seems to be one of your concerns aswel so wraps and other exercises should be incorporated. Not to mention plenty of girth exercises.

Tell us your routine so that we can understand where you might be going wrong. Tell us exercises, technique, duration, intensity and regularity.

At a guess you are probably either undertraining, overtraining or using bad technique.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

Rann, are you using plenty of heat? I’ve read that people have had better luck when they reapply heat (either from a rice sock or from an infrared lamp) whilst dong manual stretching.

I have never hung an ounce from my cock, in 4 years of PE. And I got good gains.

Some hangers get good gains.

It’s a personal decision. Pick the routine that works for the space you are in and the time that you have.



I’m not blaming my race or anything, just wanted to know your opinions, in fact I love being Asian and especially the women. I managed to get to this site this month and my workout routine was from another site.

Workout Routine used in last 5 months:

Warmup 5 min: Usually i did this in the gym showers with a cloth, (should i use really hot water till i can feel it throughout the foreskin?)

40 ‘20 Second’ stretches in North,South,East,West directions (i read that with my really low LOT, so should i stretch at high angles for the best results?)

40 CW and CCW rotations ( Always gets my blood flowing and preparation for wet jelqing)

200 wet Jelq ( The site i went to told me for more gains, whenever the grip is about to reach the glans, do a kegel and start with the next hand,rinse and repeat.)

All in all do you think the workout routine is too under-worked because I’ve been checking the videos and techniques all day. My workout days are twice every three days in the morning, should i do more than 1 session per day?

Rann, are you saying that you do your PE at your gym? Do you do it in a locked cubicle? “Really hot water” is not a good idea, especially for a newbie. The temperature should ideally be a comfortable but penetrating heat. Enough heat to make your cock look pink/red and full after 5 minutes, leaving a nice warm, relaxed feeling in your dick.

I think that you should do manula stretches in all directions to cover all your bases. However, you should try to be as firm as possible when pulling, without causing pain. A slight discomfort is the most you should ever feel. When you pull, try to make your whole penis and it’s roots relax, so that they do not fight your pull. Let them give in to the pull. The easiest way to explain it is to allow your penis to be in the relaxed state that it is in when you allow yourself to urinate. So long as you urinate before you start your PE, there won’t be a problem with relaxing your penis like this.

You might also want to try 30-40 second pulls. Focus more on pulling upwards but still do five minutes of pulling in each other direction. Try not to count the amount of sets that you do. Just do 15-20 minutes of stretching and allocate roughly 10 for upwards, 5 for down and 5 for the sides. Focus more on getting into the pulling rather than focusing on number of seconds or sets. Listen to your dick. Shut out everything else and just home in on what your dick is feeling. Listen and sense how hard you can pull without causing pain. All whilst letting your dick completely give into the pull.

After this you might want to warm your dick up for another 5 minutes. Then start the jelqing.

200 wet jelqs is not enough for somebody who has been doing it for months like you. Your dick can take more and needs more. Again, do not focus on the number of jelqs. It is a distraction from allowing yourself to get into a zone of a hardcore PE session. You want to shut everything else out and focus on your dick and it’s feelings, so that you can allow your penis to fully relax and also sense how hard you can stretch/jelq without taking it too far.

At a 50-80% erection jelq slowly and firmly for 15-20 minutes. You can choose to cut this into two 10 minute sessions at different times of the day if you wish.

During the jelq try to listen to the sensations to find the ideal temp and technique. A method that captures just the right pressure and speed to allow for a deep feeling of blood being pushed up the shaft towards the head. Listening to your dick will allow you to callibrate and fine tune your method for best results. On each stroke your fingers should feel like they have captured a pocket of blood, which your fingers force up the shaft to the head. Sensing resistance from the blood as you push it up. After a while it can help to sometimes kegel a split second before your clamp your fingers around the base, to push blood into the cock, allowing your fingers to trap it in before they push upwards.

Finish the session with 5 minutes of heat again. After having jelqed your penis should hang fuller and lower than usual. This is the mark of a good jelq session. After a few days/weeks of really thorough jelqing with good technique, your penis should hang fuller and lower for increasing amounts of time after a jelq session. Atleast this is my experience.

Do not forget to completely relax your penis during stretching and jelqing. When guys aren’t making progress it is important that they really start to learn to listen to their dicks more and learn to get into the zone in each session. It’s more fun that way aswel, which is a bonus.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

Thanks for all the input, the videos i watched helped alot, the problem is that i may have been doing it all wrong in the beginning. When i was wet jelqing, i always used 1 hand to hold and the other to jelq , after watching the video on wet jelqing i saw the changing of hands each time. I tried imitate the video today, but whenever i formed a grip on the base just before i finish on the other left hand my right hand would have difficulty jelqing as the foreskin is pushed to cover the glans totally and i feel like i’m pulling the shaft skin out, is thta right or should i switch to dry jelqing as i can do that. As for stretches i have a problem with following the upwards stretch in the simple manual stretches as my hands tend to easily slip off the foreskin unlike the other stretches which don’t require my hand to squeeze at the glans when the foreskin is covering it.

Can workouts be done twice a day beacause the only way to get a warm up in my college is to take a shower.
I appreciate all the useful input you guys can give and have given.

if you are pulling the shaft skin outwards you need better lubrication, simple as that :)
Some people favor vaseline, some baby oil.. In fact any Vitamin E oil (eg. sunflower seed) will do wonders to your workout and the healthiness of your dick’s skin.
The point in wet jelqing is: Push blood towards the glans, then get a firm grip around the base of your penis and release the hand that pulled before. Of course (as in eg. dry jelqing) doing a kegel that stops the blood from flowing out while changing hands does help big time, at least for me :)

As for the upward stretch just try various grips, eg. do them reverse, with your left or right hand, etc.. You will find one that gives you a good grip that won’t require squeezing the glans :)

Working out twice a day shouldn’t be a problem as long as you listen to your dick carefully.. See the physiological indicators thread by sparkyx :)

She said you had a small dick huh? Well just remind her of what Tom Arnold said about his soon to be ex-wife, Roseanne, when she said very publicly that he had a little dick - "Hell, even a 747 looks small when you put it in the Grand Canyon". START: 2004-12-06 EBPL 6.70" BPEL, EG 5" CURRENT STATUS: Full Healing Break (Plasticized ligaments need time to heal -- Beware the rotating manual stretches ;) ) 2005-01-07 EBPL 7.68", EG 5" GOAL: EBPL 8.5" (ENBPL 7.9"), EG 6"

Okay, i just read through the PI thread and wrote it down, hell its a good thing i have a single room as i’ve written pretty much all my PE stuff down on my room posters. Now i’m going to try the wet jelq again with more baby oil with aloe vera and let go before performing a new grip, do you guys think this workout would work because i like to paste it up and remind myself daily what i want and need to do.

Morning Workout (Hopefully this doesn’t take more than 2 hours if i need to intensify it)

1)5 min warm wrap

2)20 mins of stretching trying to focus more on high angles
( i read up on the other stretches, are they really necessary as i’ve low lot and a slightly curved upwards penis)

3) Rotation stretching to get ready for 15 mins of jelq squeezing
(Do i follow the video using the OK grip or do the pinched 1?)

4)More rotation and 20 mins of wet jelqing

5) Kegels ( I’m not sure on kegels, should i do it for like 10 mins of 5 sec holds or longer in time of mins and secs? Another thing is that i tried to search on whether kegels should be done erected, because when its flaccid i can see much movement and i dunno whether i’m performing it correctly, but couldn’t find it)

Would this be enough or can it split this into a two part daily workout. Or should i look out for positive PIs (if any) and stick to once a day?

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