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Is giving up the best choice for me?

Is giving up the best choice for me?

Hello again!
I think I’ll give up of PE.
I tried to stick up with a routine for 2 months, doing a not heavy routine (5 min of warm up + 200-300 jelq + 5-10 min of stretching + 5 min warm down)… However I still got an injury on my penis shaft after the first month (and I was doing a light pressure when jelqing, I’m pretty sure of it) and the last week a damn ingrown hair came up and I can’t do any exercise besides stretching because it can evolve to a blood pimple…

I hate it, it’s really really hard to me to maintain a routine, I was doing great (keeping myself consistent) until the injury and now the giant ingrown hair appeared on my penis shaft.
I’m really sure that I wasn’t doing too much pressure while doing jelq, so why does my penis suffer from these injuries so much??

What’s the solution? Doing less than Newbie Routine? I was trying it (5 min of warm up + 100-150 jelq + 5-10 min of stretching + 5 min warm down) after the damn blood pimple (the first injury I got) … but I stopped because of the new ingrown hair :| .

Sorry about the baby crying, does someone have a suggestion? Any cream or product to increases the resistance of my penis?


One day I'll be able to do PE o/

You’re already at the magic 8x6, so why worry about doing PE? Better to go have a lot of sex instead :)

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200 - 300 jelqs is pretty heavy.

19th Feb 2012

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Malandro, pluck the ingrown hair out. You may have to dig a bit with a needle, but trust me, if you want it gone fast, that’s the best way.

And never give up if you haven’t reached your goal. And I’m not talking only about PE! If you want something, go for it, and don’t give up if there is an obstacle; find a way to overcome it.

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Yeah 200-300 for a newb is a lot. I know some hard core guys do 400, 500 and up. But these are seasoned veterans that have done hanging, and been PEing for years. I worked up from 150 to 250 over a month or so. When I got back into it a few weeks ago, I added MrOrange bends, and because of the added exercise, I dropped Jelqs to 200. I have seen more gains in the last two weeks than ever. This may be attributed to regaining what I had lost, but anyone that lifts knows over-training is easy, detrimental, and a common problem. Drop you jelqs to 200, maybe try switching up the order of jelq and stretching. Or drop the v stretches for a bit. That was an intense program you had, cut it back and check the progress.

Jelq, ADS, repeat.

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