Hello All
Although I am a newbie I tried something which I liked and willing to share it with you all. While doing the simple manual stretches I did this and liked it. When stretching downward I started shaking a little my penis to the left and right. So the modification is this. Instead of just pulling down ward I was at the same time shaking left and right just a little bit maybe 1-2 cm left and 1-2 cm right in a slow speed. I did the same when stretching upward. When stretching left and right I again did the same only this time the shaking was of course up and down. I FELT that this is working for me. I was feeling better this sweet pain at the base of my penis, and guess that this helps. What do you guys think? Anyone ever tried something similar?
Yesterday was my day of. I had the house to myself. The whole day my penis looked nice and bigger than usual, so I thought that maybe something is working (I am in my second week). I decided to take a video of my penis with my camera. When I watched the video my penis (flaccid) looked even bigger and better. For those feeling insecure (as I was feeling and sometimes still do) I suggest you to do the same (if you can accept an advice from a newbie). Your penis will look similar to those you see in porn videos etc.
I repeat that I started at 14,75cm erected (not bone pressed) Next measurement will be at the 7th of June.

Have a nice week