Introduction and Infirmation

Greetings All.. Newbie here!

As somebody who only recently decided to stop wishing for it to happen and decided to take action, I thought I’d share my routine and seek any (all) feedback.

I starting jelqing about 2 months ago. No noticeable gains in length or girth however I did notice my erection was harder and longer and more spontaneous. I attributed this to increased circulation.

I started hanging about 1 week ago using the homemade Captn’s Wench (Thanks CaptnHook!) with a slight modification - I’m not using the 2 grippers on the inside.. Too much pinching.
I’m wrapping my shaft with a sport type elastic bandage and then applying the Velcro hanger as made using CaptnHooks design with a clamp. The clamp is oval shaped as noted on CaptnHook’s design and I ensure that the “open” part runs along the top of the shaft to reduce pressure on the dorsal nerve and veins. I’m still struggling with a positive fit with no chafing along the glans but it’s getting there. I’m not the biggest beginner in the world so if the Velcro had been 1.5”wide instead of 2” it might of helped.. May 2”inches in the near future!

I started by standing but after a couple of days that become awkward and I chose to sit. I’m doing 3 x 20min with 10 min between. I’m using 2.5lbs. Reading the forum this week I’m going to start wrapping afterwards as it seems that using the theraband after stretching just makes sense. I noticed that my head does get quite dark and it is a function of the blood flow.. My question is.. How can it not get dark? All that weight and all pointed downhill. Any suggestions or comments to ensure I’m not doing any damage unknowingly.

And the rice sock.. That seems like a nice idea and maybe less of a bother than applying a steaming cloth.. Can somebody tell me how to make one? Just simple things like how to apply it so it effects the ligs at the base; I can’t seem to find anything in the forum but to be fair there is a lot here and I haven’t read everything.

Thanks for the help and I look forward to contributing positively!