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Instructional videos

Instructional videos

Hey all. Totally new to the forum. Sorry to ask such a lame question, but where are the videos that demonstrate the different jelqing and other techniques? I’ve just spent a half hour or so tying to find them, and now I’ve decided I’m an idiot and I need help. Help?

Shit. Nevermind. I just found it two minutes after posting this thread. It’s right there linked in the newbie overview on the main page of this forum. Duh.

Useful Links -> Penis Enlargement Videos

Edit: Oh well, someone else might not have found the bloody great big sticky thread in this forum. Oh and welcome to the forum.

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I know you said you found them, I just didn’t want my searching to go to waste.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Thanks sunshine kid. Wow! A female moderator in a place like this. Awesome! Nothing like a little support from the other team.

And hi memento also! Thanks for the welcome.

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