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Injury - Please Help

Injury - Please Help

Hello, everyone.

Two months ago, I tried Jelqing and got hurt. At first, I thought it was no big deal, so I didn’t stop having sex or masturbating, But then, after a few days, I began to feel a sharp pain on the right side of my member, on the mid of it and also near the base. Took anti inflammatory for 8 days, and it was almost gone. After that, I resumed my sex life with my girlfriend and the pain came back. It looks like a transverse cord on the right side (two cords, one on the mid of it and the other near the base). At this point, I’m worried if it will heal or not. If anyone has an idea of what is it, I’d appreciate to know, because the doctor didn’t know what to say. My erection quality is normal, by the way, and I don’t feel pain when its hard.

Thanks in advice, I’d like some advice on what it could be.


First of all sorry for your injury. Does sound very disturbing!

Could you please give us some precisions:

- did you jelq with both hands or one hand only?
- please try to describe very precisley the way you jelqed (speed, force, nbr of repetitions etc etc)
- did you warm-up and warm-down? And how did you do it?
- how big are the cord shaped injuries? Form, length, width?
- are these cords prominent over the skin of the dick or are they at same level?
- what is the exact colour they have?
- do the remain stable or “walk around a bit”
- are the injuries sensitive to touch?
- I assume from the above written you feel the pain mainly when flaccid: correct?
- When do you feel the pain at most (in bed, sitting, pissing etc)?

I guess if you indicate answers to these questions, it will be easier to find out what it may be. Challenge the vets in here :-)

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Thanks for replying so fast.

The answers to your questions are:

-I jelq with both hands, from the very bottom of it till the top, right before the head, in a 3 seconds movement. When a hand reached the top I put the other at the base (pushing down a little), and then released the one at the top to initiate the movement upwards of the second hand. I did only 15 repetitions, because I wanted to go slow, but I think I might have used a little over force. Also, I don’t know if my erection level was correct, I’m guessing it was harder than it should. And I Jelq only once. But on the next day of it, even feeling kind of weird, I still masturbated, and didn’t stop sex either.

-I warmed up and down, for 5 minutes, using a cup with hot water that I took from the shower.

-The cord in the middle has an open C form, 1,37 inches of length and 0,19 of width. The one in the base is more linear, with also 1,37 inches of length and 0,15 of width.

-They are prominent over the skin, some times more, some times less, it is not stable in size, but its always there in the same place, it does not move. I’m taking anti inflammatory again (nine days now), and I think it is less prominent because of that and less pain too.

-It has no colour, its under the skin with no change of colour. I thought at first it could be veins, but now I think its more likely to be a tunica damage. The injuries are not sensitive to touch.

-I don’t feel the pain mainly when flaccid, its just that getting an erection doesn’t hurt more. Though I noticed that having erections and sex got the situation worse. Now I don’t feel much pain, its more about the swelling and the discomfort.

-I couldn’t notice how I felt the pain at most, didn’t see a difference. It doesn’t hurt to piss at all.

Thanks again for the attention, I’m trying to challenge the vets here :)

Any ideas? Damage is still there.

Most importantly, what was the percentage of your erection when jelqing, and how consistant with the Newbie Routine have you been?
How hard are you pull jelqing when jelqing? because that is what it sounds like to me that there was a pull as well.
Jelqing is jelqing but pull jelqing is a very advanced exercise which many here have experience quick discolouration. Another question,
How conditioned were you. Please be honest, Because your honesty will definitely help other newbiesa understand the danger of these
exercises. We all must respect these exercises and the ones who are mentoring and preaching “to take it easy when beginning”.

You may have an injury, but you did post the doctor didn’t know what to say. Did you tell the doctor you were jelqing?
I assure you, he should know what jelqing is. This could be trauma to your unit, which means, stop PEing for a long time
till your unit heals completely. These are the things that happen when we try to do so much to try to gain so fast.

If you continue the PE exercises, you will injure yourself more. Thunder’s Place preaches safety first, besides, it is your
cock, not mine. Take a break until things get better, and this can take months, also, go back to your doctor and explain
how you injured yourself, like I mentioned, it is your cock. Don’t ruin things for yourself by continuing PE. Get healthy
and come back with the lessons learned.

I am going to speak for Thunder’s Place, DO NOT PE until you are completely healed. Go see your doctor
and explain how you injured yourself. Thunder’s Place will be here and we will wait for your return. Please keep us updated
on your healing progress. My sympathies go out to you.

Good Luck my brother, I a wait you return.

“Pull jelqing” ,, how do you not pull when jelqing ?

Originally Posted by king snake

“Pull jelqing” ,, how do you not pull when jelqing ?

Pull jelqing is a normal jelq, but when you come to the end of the jelq when all the pressure

is at the glands you squeeze tighter and pull your ligs as well. It is basiclly jelging

and stretching at the same time. It is not just a jelq.

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