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Injury loss of EQ question

Injury loss of EQ question

Hey guys I have been doing PE for almost 6 months now. I havn’t been measuring properly but I had noticed improved length, girth and hardness etc so things were going well. About 2 weeks ago I had the greatest EQ I have ever experienced and this was a monday before another week of PE. However, following a 5day a week routine outlined below (only second week in and first week had worked well considering the great EQ I was experiencing) I lost eq till the Friday that week where I stopped. I noticed a decline in eq during the week and by the weekend it was considerably weaker. I took this week off (the loss of eq started last friday) and my eq is still shittywok. I can get pretty hard erections watching porn but it takes much longer than usual to establish them and they are just not as hard.

I am wondering what to do here? I am not certain that I hurt myself, maybe I have just lost eq over the past week of rest but I am afraid of doing more PE and setting myself back further. I am considering doing very light jelqing and stretching starting next week to see how it goes. I think I may have jelqed at too high erection levels because the week that gave me good gains was pretty relaxed on the erection level in copmarison

Routine: 5days on 2 days off

Warm up: 5min hot water cup
Jelq: 10-15minutes (70% erection level up)
Warm down: 5min cup


10-20 minute stretches in shower

Thank you for any advice it is much appreciated!

EQ can go through cycles; there are many variables involved. I wouldn’t panic just yet.

Yea my EQ seems to be coming back and I think it has had a lot to do with my mind not just the overtraining. Established good EQ when I received a nude picture of an ex yesterday so I might be super bored of porn. Also I did 50% erection jelqing for 3-5 minutes today and noticed that I achieved the same post workout hang that I had ever achieved with far more intense workouts (80-100% erection for 10-15minutes). I think I have definitely been overtraining and am going to now explore just how light my workouts can go to achieve gains

A few suggestions; try doing three days on and one off, get up a little earlier and add 5 minutes of light stretches. You need to add Kegels to your routine, as many as you can do throughout the day. there is nothing wrong with jelqing with a softer shaft, I have to because of ED from two surgeries and gout, but I’ve gained over 1.5” in length and almost 1” in girth. Good luck.

CWCLARK; Begin_11.11.2010: BPEL=6.5; BEG=5.2

Current: BPEL=7.87(20.00cm); BEG= 6.06(15.39cm): MSEG=5.75(14.61cm). Volume=20.9 (53% increase)

GOAL: BPEL=8.0; BEG= 6.5: MSEG=6.0

So I did 1 workout on friday and took saturday off. My eq was ffffffffffantastic by sunday because I only did 5min 50-60% erection level jelqing on friday. Kegels were so much more powerful because of it too. I did another 5min jelq today (sunday) and it went very very well.

After 6 months I’m finally learning to respond to my member to achieve a HEALTHY penis.

cwclark - I notice you’ve only been PE’ing for less than a year - can you please fill us in as to what your routine is that has been working so well?

Thanks and great work!

Back on Jan 3, 2012 - Stats: FL- 4.5", FG- 4.8", EG- 5.6", EL- 6.1", BPEL- 6.8"

Goal by Jan 1, 2013 - EL- 7.5", EG- 6" -----> I have a LONG way to grow :)

Grow or Die Tryin'

It’s good to hear that you made a nice recovery!

Cheers cake

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