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Increase flaccid size

Increase flaccid size

Well my penis is normal erected, I guess. My problem is my flaccid penis, o god it is small. Primarily I want it to become broader. Do an extender make the penis broader?

Any tips guys?



Just try the newbie exercise and your flaccid penis will start looking broader and vein-ier in a few days.. I noticed the flaccid gain very quickly first then the erect gain in time.

Ancient Chinese proverb say;

It no matter how big it is, it how big it get!


Second ayebaybay.

I wouldn’t count on an extender to make your penis broader. Start with manual exercises like jelqing and stretching, such as in the Newbie Routine, and don’t overdo. Members here have generally reported a plumper and longer flaccid if they have not overworked it.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Originally Posted by Lampwick
Members here have generally reported a plumper and longer flaccid if they have not overworked it.

After 2 weeks, only every other day, I’d definitely agree with that.

Like me you are a grow-er, not a show-er. Here is the best explanation I have read about that:…-penis-size/a15

Some guys don't change much between flaccid and erect, others do. Sometimes this is referred to as guys being 'showers' - they're big when soft and don't get much bigger; or 'growers' - they're smaller when soft but then grow a fair bit as they get hard

My theory is that showers are less modest in the locker rooms etc, so it may seem like every body has a bigger flaccid than you. Probably not true though.

My flaccid is bigger now than before I started PE. Before I almost tripled in size. Now it is more less than double in size. (depending on weather, etc) I expect as I get larger the ratio will go down further.

The same will probably happen to you, maybe you will do much better. Follow what ayebaby and Lampwick said.

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I have to agree with ayebaybay and lampwick. After a few days of the newbie routine, flaccid length has increased and I also have a much fuller look.

Fowfers are also great for flaccid size.

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