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How do you guys find the time and privacy to perform your routines?

I’ve only managed a full session once under the pretence tat I was ill in the bathroom.

I close the door.

I own my house and live with only my fiance, and on top of that I’m naked from the time I get home from work to the time I wake up to go back to work, which makes it really easy for PE. In fact there’s been a few times we’d be watching TV together and I got in a good 30 minute one-handed session sitting right next to her and she wasn’t any the wiser. So I’ve been lucky that way, but before I started living with her I really had no privacy, I’m glad I didn’t try to PE back then, I’d probably have gone insane.

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I’d advise you to do short sessions frequently in the bathroom.

Stealth PE is difficult.

Also you could get monkeybar’s autoexleeve, it’s stealth too.

Good luck.

I have a real nice rest room at work, each stall has big heavy walls and the handi-capped stall is as big as my home bathroom. I’ll take my lunch at my desk so that during a lunch hour, I can knock something out with my ipod on. Normally during lunch, everyone leaves the building and it is after lunch that the restroom gets busy. Or, when I get my 15 minute coffee break at 10AM, I’ll take a 20minute visit.

My other option is when I get home from work and the wife is still at work, or if she goes to sleep, I’ll step into the restroom downstairs while the TV is on for 30+ minutes. If she is wakes and comes down, I would here her get out of bed upstairs. If I go back up, I’ll normally have some food with me so she thinks I was down stairs eating.

When I was living with roommates I’d knock out my sessions when I’d know they’d be gone. In case they came back unexpected, I made sure to set up some obstacles by the doors — I’d pull out one of the living room chairs to obstruct the door to the apartment so that I’d be sure to hear them fumbling as they entered the apartment. And I’d leave my suitcase in front of the door of the room I shared (making it hard to get in — no locks on door), as if I were packing for a road trip or rearranging things in the room. Other times I’d just get up really early and have a session in the morning in the bathroom. I’m sure some of them thought I was jerking off, but who cares?

I do some in the morning when I get out of the shower.. Then I do my main routine at night when I’m “going to bed”. I also do stretches during every restroom break.

Lack of privacy is a big issue for me also. I try to benefit from every rare ocasion I find myself alone. Sometimes I ask for privacy pretending that I want to make up for the exercises I missed last time at the gym.

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1) How old are you? If you still live at your parent’s house I bet it really is difficult. I’m in college but when I’m visiting at home I either PE in the bathroom with music blaring and shower running (I take long showers, ~1 hour) or I PE late at night in the computer room after parents went to sleep (parents think I’m playing video games, which I am half the time).

2) If you’re in college and in a dorm room, I also recommend the shower. If you’re in an apartment or a house, I would perform PE in your room.

Other than that (e.g. marriage or some weird situation) I’m not sure.

Hope that helps,

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Originally Posted by AspireN
How do you guys find the time and privacy to perform your routines?

I’ve only managed a full session once under the pretence tat I was ill in the bathroom.

Do you have your bedroom to yourself, does it have a door? Are you married?

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If you have your own bedroom buy some small weights /dumbells and announce (loudly) you are going to get into shape. Then a few sessions of grunting heavily will get them used to it and you should be able to do your thing untroubled. If they peek in while you are waving the weights about lget uptight and lock the door

First thing in the morning might be worth a try- before they get up.

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At the moment my living situation is between homes. I have come back to my parents’ house for the summer but will be moving into a house with 2 other guys this year at uni in about a month. Good suggestions with a couple of (really pernickety) problems

Shower - the bills aren’t cheap for heating so I can’t stay in the hour for hours (although I would love to)

My room - I don’t have a sink in my room and I’m not familiar with dry jelqing, is it easy to do?

And as for free time - I barely get any as it is. I’m basically working from 07 00 til 20 00

I really appreciate all of the comments

I’m very fortunate on a lot of levels. First, I work for myself and my office is just outside my house. Plus I can do a lot of my computer and phone based stuff from the house. So I often have the entire house to myself for most of the day. On the other hand, I don’t keep any regular schedule and am always on call for emergencies that may come up. Lots of times I’ll get started in a routine and have to get up and leave, happened today and two days ago. So I often have to do it in the evenings after everyone is at home.

When I do have to do it in the evenings, I don’t have much trouble either. My wife knows all about it, has no problem with it and helps me make time (a.k.a. corral the kids) to have the privacy to take care of business.

I can see where it could be a real problem though. I have having all my gear out and someone drive up….

Good luck in your quest, hopefully you can make some time to make it happen.

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You’re at uni and working a part time job? At uni I was in a house with 4 other people. The house had one shower room and one separate toilet/washroom so for me the only place I could have done PE was in my bedroom. PE in the shower would have made people suspicious - why do you take so long in the shower? And what’s the lube/Vaseline for? You are lucky that you only have two other people to share with as you’ll be able to get more bathroom time.

I’ve found the Newbie Routine doesn’t take that much time, the stretches can be done in the shower and the jelqs can be done anywhere you have privacy. Just stretch/warm-up in the shower, then go to your room and jelq. When you’re done jelqing, stretch off and go to the bathroom and wash your cock in the sink to remove the remaining lube/Vaseline. This is how I would have done it.


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