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Imagine if everyone you knew.


I don’t think that there is anything to be ashamed of. I mean, I kind of put it right up there with getting a hair transplant.

“Something is different about him. He seems more confident,” why be ashamed of getting comments like that.

Before I found Thunder’s, I thought that I would never have a large penis. Immediately, I told my wife and my brothers about my PEing. I am very proud of what I have gained in length and girth and am not in the least bit embarrassed or ashamed.


Wow! Nice speech, really cool and inspiring!

That is sort of encouragement and I really like it.



Originally Posted by supersizeit

Although I am discrete and dont advertise it to the world

Who is that handsome dude in the avatar then?:)

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Awwww Thanks Huff! :rainbow:
Thats a good point :) You sort of got me there!

What I meant is I dont advertise my membership here to everyone outside of Thunders. If I were going to truly advertize it to the world, I think I would take out a full page ad in The New York Times (with pictures) and /or go on some TV show like Oprah or something and tell my story….

Thunders would then be overwhelmed with new members :chuckle:

No seriously…
The reality of it is that my avatar is a bold indication of how much I really dont care if someone I know saw me on Thunders. ;)

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I agree with LIVELONG. Everybody knows I go to gym and lift weights to improve my body. It should be no different to try and improve your dick.

I’m an adult. F### em.

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