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I'm New and I need your help.

I'm New and I need your help.

Hey guys, my name is Jeff. I have a problem but before J just go out and tell you, let me tell you about myself. Like I said, I’m new to this website. I recently bought an extender, the name of it will not be undisclosed because I will not market on this website. It works alright, but my head gets cold when I use it and when I take it off I’m very sensitive. When I bought it, I was looking about the forum they had and most of the guys on there talk about this one. So I decided to look on here. Glad I did.

I have always been self conscious about my penis since I was a young boy. I always new I was behind in the “growing department.” When I got a little older I got sucked into the “take these pills and gain!” No, it doesn’t work that way. My relationships or there lack of have always suffered. Until I met my girlfriend of 1 1/2 years at a wedding, now my fiance of 1 month. She really opened me up to have respect for myself. I can never thank her enough for that. She made me into the person I am today. But before I met her, I was really never with any other girl. For the main reason I didn’t want them to make fun. I can’t take rejection.. Sometimes I wish I could be like all the other guys that had a lot of girls but the other times I enjoy knowing that I waited. So in truth I have no regrets. So one day I was looking once again online at these pills that promised the world and I came very close to buying them until I found that extender. I finally founda true way to help. Instead of relying on miracle pills, you used your own bodies ability to tear and regenerate. That is the most promising offer I have ever found. So I got it and I am satisfied with it I’ve already gained over 1/4 of an inch, now to this day almost a 1/2. And probably about 1/4 or a little more in girth with the extender along with some manual excersizes. My fiance is very happy I found the new me. She was able to tell a difference within a week or two of just starting out with jelgs.

Okay now you know a little about me, this is the problem I face. When I have sex, it’s amazing. But I’ve notice lately that when I cum inside of her, I don’t get the bang bang bang that I get when I go in her mouth or when she jacks me off. It almost become a dud when I finally climax. I feel it getting built up and that itself feels good but when I finally start to cum it’s like.blah. Almost like it drips out, if you can imagine what I’m trying to explain. I don’t know what it is. Do you think it could be a physical dilemma? Maybe nothing is “wrong” with me. I don’t remember it being like this when we first started have sex. Maybe a little bit like this. Do you think the problems lies within my brain? Do you think I loose concentration or maybe I’m rushing it so I try pushing myself to finish. Maybe she is getting sore or whatever. I don’t know, this just really sucks. Maybe you guys have had this problem. Thanks for you help.

The cumming part, I only noticed this happen to me when I don’t let the pressure build, are you fully rock hard when you cum?

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Happens to me all the time, there’s nothing wrong with you or her or what you are doing.

I sometimes think that we men are designed to cum quickly and move on to the next partner. If I hold it back too long, the climax is often not as satisfying as it can be.

Don’t over think it, just do it, often.

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Not all orgasms are created equal.

Understand that sexual response is a complex interplay between physiology and psychology - that is body and mind.
You will experience different levels of intensity depending on your mental state and the amount and type of physical activity that leads up to the climax.
If you are mentally turned on and you engage in a lot of arousing foreplay, you may encourage a more intense orgasm.
If you are mentally distracted and go straight for the pussy, you probably will not get much of a “bang”.

I have experienced only a couple of really intense orgasms during sex that I can say where truly memorable.
The rest of the time my orgasms are just ok, and sometimes just duds. It’s hard to achieve that much control to insure a really satisfying orgasm every time. The practitioners of Tantra sex claim to have that ability.

I have said on other threads that the important thing in sex is not the orgasm - it’s the sex.
If you strive to make the sex good - not the orgasm - the orgasm will usually follow on it’s own.

It’s like an allegory to life.. If you go through life focusing only on some final achievement, you will miss everything in between.

That makes sense tinytim. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one that feels this way. I guess all I need is some practice. Like they say practice makes perfect. It’s hard with conflicting schedules. And you are right, finishing isn’t the only part to sex, it’s the close intimacy that is the true nature of sex. At least to guys who have a steady relationship and not “flings.” not saying anything bad about that. And I have had those orgasms that I went wow! But they usually just snuck up on me. The more I type the more I’m understanding that the problem I face is just more mental. It doesn’t help when my girl hurries me up sometimes because like I said she is getting sore.

And a reply to newnew997, most of the time I am hard, but sometimes we last a little while and naturally I will loose some of my erection. But usually when I’m about to finish, I will get it back. All things to keep in mind. Maybe I just focus on the finishing to the point that ruins it. Thanks for your help guys.

Yeah, just go with the flow. ;)

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Have you tried abstaining for a few days and drinking plenty of fluids? Let it build, then when you are having sex go for as long as humanly possible. If you feel your about to blow stop and like change positions that should give your penis some time to ‘recover’ then keep going and finally when you feel you cannot go any longer, relax and let it flow.

You said that you don’t get the bang, bang in her pussy like you do in her mouth or hands. If it were a physical problem, then you wouldn’t bang, bang in any of the three.

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