I'm Doing It!!!

Hey all, recently I posted about countless problems I’ve faced in the PE world. But now I’m here to say that it has become…i wouldnt say second nature but more like a necessity especially because i want my 7.5” dick. So what I’ve discovered is just whenever I’m bored or feel horny instead of jerking off or neglecting PE i just do it in the place of jerking off. Does that make since. So what I’m trying to say is since i have problems with being aroused without porn, i am now being abstinent whilst doing my PE workouts. Plus i started doing pullups on my pullup bar at home. Also since i dont have sex my EQ should actually be GREAT am i right? Anyways, thanks to all of you that helped me. Especially thoughtforgold. Sorry if i butchered your name im on my phone rn so i cant reference it. But yeah, this has really become my family. When i make gains i will most definitely. Be a firm 100% believer of PE but since i haven’t seen noticable gains im still sorta skeptic. I’m a see it to believe it type of guy. What do you guys suggest? Any further tips. Please let me know. I check this thread throughout my day so please respond if you have input or want more info from me. I love sharing. Thanks.

(Start date 4-5-16)Flaccid:NBPEL3.5"

Erect: NBPEL5.4"erect girth5"Goal

Flaccid:EL- 5" EL- 8" E girth- 6" or 7"