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I'm 18 with no credit card. How should I order my extender?


Originally Posted by marinera
Right. If you can find the link to that thread, it would be nice to post here, WetMayo.

Sure. 9_in_richard - Extender user why not everyone In the same thread on post #19, he said he also has the leluv extender. I bought it on his recommendation and it works just fine. Nothing about it “feels cheap”

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Thanks WetMayo.

I did quit, but I can answer this pretty easy,

Go to wallgreens

Buy a prepaid credit card with like a 100 to 150 limit

Pay cash at the store

Get the card and order it

The box is usually low-key with no indication of what’s inside so you will be okay with your folks.

How about a money order? Maybe you can mail one of those instead of getting a card.

Hey man, I feel your pain alot of the suggestions in this thread are pretty awesome.

1) Money Order

2) You could send cash VIA UPS or other courier(I have a feeling this -is- money order_

3) Insta-debit. I`ve never used this service before however in Canada, as far as I know you can set up your debit card, for online purchases google insta debit.

3) Paypal if the retailers accepts

4) This is my favourite option, if you have some sort of income.(You should at this point) You could always use cash and purchase a prepaid credit card via shoppers or walmart(depending on where you live)

It`s a great alternative because you pay cash up front, you can also go online once you`ve purchased it at a store or something and register your adress etc for online purchases.

Good luck man

Just gainin one step at a time.

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