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If you have a LOT of 9, should you.....

If you have a LOT of 9, should you.....

I know that if you have a LOT of 9, you should stretch downward.

Should you also JELQ downwards? Possibly with an overhand grip? I’m trying to gain length and I’d like to do it right.

Thanks for any help!

Hello DingALing nice to meet you.

Jelqing down is often good irrespectively of LOT, you may get a better pump from this direction but it will certainly pull on the ligaments with each stroke so higher LOT people may get a greater length benefit.

Even if you do choose to concentrate on jelqing in a downward direction overhand it would probably be a good thing to occassionally switch to an upward direction simply to reach some kind of uniformity in the stresses in the tunica.

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