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I used to be small, gee thanks.


Yes I realized after that I am a dumbass for correcting her that I’m not 8 or 9 inches but 7. Because I know every other guy rounded up 2 inches in her past. I did the lame thing of explaining that people lie and don’t measure the right way. Dumb I know! I’ll work it in soon that I wasn’t measuring correctly either and that I’m as big as she thought I was!

Congrats on your gains and the great girlfriend!

On the measuring thing, I think is was Tazbonito who said he uses “visible penis from the side” measurement if a woman asks how large he is.

To me that makes more sense than top down measurement in terms of what your “bragging rights” size is.

We only see top down. A woman sees you from the bottom, and the side etc. They see lots of different angles which are all longer than top down view.


You are larger than most guys starting PE. I was only 5 1/2 NBP & 4 1/2 EG after my divorce in 2003. I definitely had small penis issues. I have made gains since then and they have made a huge difference in my sex life. Yes, size matters most of the time. It has a lot to do with our confidence. PE can truly change the way you feel about life. It was and still is a great boost to me. I would never want to go back to those insecure days. But remember it takes work and commitment. There is no magic pill!


Good luck and remember when it comes to girls and dick size their ignorance is appreciated. Well our egos appreciate it.

Can i ask what you were in girth before PE?

Originally Posted by e211
“I have to admit I was a little worried about your size when we first started dating.It was a little small.” OUCH! I took this real hard. She thinks I’m bigger because she turns me on so much and it “came back to life.” Partially true but she doesn’t know about the hours of PE.
So I’m a little pissed and here’s what I learned.


Your story made me laugh man, good job!

Great to see that it’s helped you out so much, keep up the good work, soon you’ll be even bigger and then she’ll REALLY be screaming :D

Originally Posted by .Parry.
Can i ask what you were in girth before PE?

Hi Parry, have you read the Forum Guidelines ? If not please do so. It is ‘I’ not i.

Originally Posted by tntjockey

Hi Parry, have you read the Forum Guidelines ? If not please do so. It is ‘I’ not i.

Sorry didn’t guess you were that strict on punctuation.

Originally Posted by JMatrix Gunn
Penis size matters (to a certain extent), but a great deal of women look for the ‘primary qualities’ in men such as personality, how you present yourself (i.e. clothing, etc), a good sense of humour, and so on. I know a few women who don’t give a rat’s ass when it comes to the size of a man’s penis, provided it is hard, and stays hard, that’s all that matters to them. One girl, an old friend from school, made it perfectly clear to me that she would only go out with a guy who was of average size or above. She also said that there’s nothing wrong with average penises, but the level of enjoyment during sex is also determined by who she’s with, weather or not she really likes that particular individual, if he’s really funny, a caring and loving kind of guy, athletic, good looking, etc. Penis size doesn’t sum up a man as a ‘whole’, unless your a sex object to others. Life doesn’t revolve around penis size, yes, a bigger, harder dick provides increased pleasure for both partners, but then again, look around you, not everyone is perfect and yet you see hot women with ugly men, ugly women with hot men, it’s not all about physical appearance, a massive cock or big titties, individualism is what makes us what we are!

Ask around, ask women what they know about penis size, ask them for the honest truth and see what they have to say.

Exactly right, well said. Now let me get back to my Jelqing (just kidding) you are right though.

If my wife decided to put interest in me and persue me, a whole bunch of stuff would “turn on” and some things would get noticeably “bigger” than normal. Too bad we don’t always get what we want, thats life as they say.

Man these “small dick cards” suck. And while I have what I have, it might be someone out there that thinks cause its not 10 or bigger that its small. Sheez.

I also have a new feeling for the micropenis guys, doesn’t make me feel better about myself. I hope they get all the dedication, intensity and intestinal fortitude to pull, inch by inch until they are at least in a average range and hopefully later above average.


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