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I think I am doing something wrong

I think I am doing something wrong

I have been jelqing and stretching since March of 2009. I have already made a post about how I have not achieved any length gains but just last night I measured my girth and it appears that I have not made any gains in that department either. I figured I definitely would since I have been jelqing pretty consistently. I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

Well there is not much we can do for you unless you give us some idea of what you actually do rather than ‘jelqing and stretching’

How often ? how much? what type of grip you use? how much ‘pressure’ ?

In fact give us something to work on. Otherwise we cannot give you any useful information to help you.

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Ok well the last few weeks I have been doing PE 3 days on and 1 day off. Prior to that I was jelqing on average of 3-4 times per week for about 25 minutes and doing manual stretches.

This is what I do now:

10 minutes moist heat pad
20 minutes of standard jelqing with the OK grip. I try to be like 70 percent hard and make each stroke last 3 seconds
10 minutes of manual stretching (alternate between JAI’s, pendulum, helicopter, BTC, A/V, etc. etc.)

I am willing to put in the work and I am very determined to make gains in length and girth but right now I just have no confidence of this happening. I do have faith that PE works and I have bought into it, but I just feel unlucky and I feel that I can’t make it happen.

How long are you holding the stretches for, I stretched alot and did’nt gain much untill I started holding the stretches for more then 30 seconds.

Interesting, I have been holding for only 30 seconds.

Hold each stretch for a few minutes at a time. Generally the longer you hold it the more effective it will be.

I’ve never had any success with jelqing so I can’t comment in this regard.

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How are your Physiological Indicators?

If the are positive then you may need to try increasing your routine or taking a decon break. I went for a very long time (years) without gains. I took one month off and in the first two weeks back I had gained more then I had from a good few years of PE before.

I would like to add have you gained any weight? I know that I lost 1/4” when I gained just 15 lbs I since lost that weight and 10 lbs more. I went from 198lbs on march 3rd 2010 to 173 today. On me the fat pad around my penis seems to be the first to gain fat and the last to loose it which sucks.

No my weight has been pretty consistent for the past few years, maybe up and down a few pounds here and there…I need to build up some confidence with PE. I want to try clamping but I am afraid that I might get discoloration.

Go for an extender or hanging. Think the girth later. What are your stats?

I am 5.88 NBPEL and 5.1 EG (mid shaft). I really do not want to hang weights from my dick. It just does not seem like a rational thing to do.


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