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I need some clarification

I need some clarification

I’m new to this forums, in fact I think this would be my first post. I joined this forum more on getting information bout males health rather den PE , not that I’m not into PE.

Well, what I would wan to know is, y does my penis feel too sensitive(resembles pains) to even thrust forward when I’m having my orgasm n ejaculation in her.

I din feel the pain or oversensitive when I’m masturbating, but when I’m having sex with my girlfriend and I ejaculate in her, my penis especially the tip is very sensitive (to the point it cause pain) . Wat I wan to Noe is , is it normal or I’m having some problem with my penis..

Any information and help is greatly appreciated.


Welcome to Thunder’s, ashakan!

Are you circumscised? Is this your first girlfriend? Are you using a condom?


Yes I’m using a condom, not I’m not, as you can see I’m from Asia region. And yes this is the first girlfriend I have sex with.

The head of my penis also becomes very sensitive at the point of orgasm. The best thing for me to do is reduce sensation to the area by just thrusting deep and holding there once your orgasm begins. That way you will ejaculate with no further thrusting or at least minimal thrusting.

Yes. That would be one of the way , but at some times when I’m orgasm, she’s having hers too at the same time. And surely she can’t feel the full orgasm if I just stop thrusting mid way ..

I just wanted to know is it my penis is healthy or I have some problem with my urethra or something, I can urinate well and there is no pain during urination or masturbation, but when I’m having intercourse and orgasm in her, my penis head goes SENSITIVE , I barely able to thrust it .

Thanks gprent.

Anyone have other opinion?

Oh to be young again..

I’m circumcised and I used to feel the same sensation you’re describing. Through years of wacking it and sliding it in and out of various orifices, I’ve lost that sensation. If your gal is climaxing as you cum, just bare with it and keep thrusting mate. Your penis sounds healthy to me.

"Life's not a bitch. Life is a beautiful woman."

Thanks girth and greed. Glad to heard that.. Yup, guess I’ll juz have to bare with it if I wanna satisfy my girl =)

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