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I need help

I need help

OK I just started the newbie routine this week. Well today I did the newbie routine and I didn’t really follow the steps correctly and I also had more than a 50% boner while doing it.. Now I have these red spots all over my dick. Yeah I know it’s funny, but 1 question.. Is this permanent? And if not how long for it to go away. I think I broke some blood vessels =[ HELP! ADVICE ANYTHING! PLZ!

It will go away don’t worry about it just take it a little easier:)

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Their actually a good sign, as long as their small.

How can they be a good sign krazed? It doesn’t look too pretty to me.

That is not at all uncommon for guys starting out. They will go away and stop occurring as you gently and carefully condition your penis a bit to PEing.

Hopefully this will be a wake up call and you will spend a bit more time reading up on stuff and invest a bit for effort in safety. It is possible to hurt your one eyed friend in ways that don’t recover so easily.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Fuck a bunch of red spots! I highly doubt she will care about a few red spots if your touching her adenoids!

Trust me, the spots will go away. I’ve always looked at it as a positive sign and my dick hangs much fuller since I started 1/1/07. Don’t let shit like that discourage you! I always use pain as an indicator of over-training. Red spots have always gone away within a few days for me.

Good luck entrepreneur!

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