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I need a blessing

I need a blessing

I’m just returning to this site after I got my accounts pass issue fixed, and now wanting to see faster gains, is it possible for me to PE more than 1x a day? Or maybe get to do it 4on/1off idk I’m 8” and my goal is 9” ooh can someone lend me a brazzers log-in p.m me

I was was also wondering if I can post a picture

There are plenty of people that do split routines and have success from it. It all depends on how your penis reacts to it which is only something you can determine. If you want to post pics you need to do that in the members pics sub-forum. Oh and I don’t think this is the best place to ask for porn passwords lol.

Bless you my son.

I’m sure you can post pics just upload them.

Can I do my warming up in a hot shower?

Blessing? Twat’s the Pope. Pope Bendadick.

Please don’t ask people to do things that are illegal per a website’s — like Brazzer’s — terms of service.

And, please take greater care with your punctuation.

Thank you, my son.

You can post a picture here and a Mod will move it to the Pics forum.

Your penis does need rest to make gains so doing exercises twice a day could retard the gains. The only way you can be sure is to try it yourself

If you do, try one month single work out per day and one month 2 workouts. Although either way you won’t see much in the way of gains in just a month.

You do have to learn patience here as well :)

And yes you can warm up in a hot shower. But don’t overdo the heat.

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