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I may have varicocele; should I stop PE?

I may have varicocele; should I stop PE?

Hi all

About two months ago I started reading about PE and started with the newbie routine.

However I did the exercises for only 3 days and I think I messed it up because I felt great pain in my testicles few days later, so I went to an urologist and he thinks I have varicocele.

It’s been two months since then and my penis is much better so earlier this week I started doing the linear routine, however today I received the results of my sperm test and it’s not good, so my doctor said I need to do it again and then I have a meeting with him talking about my options.

So my question is, if you’re still reading this, should I continue with my PE routine and should I tell my doctor I doing PE exercises.


I think manual stretching will not interfere with the varicocele issue. Probably jelqs are safe also. I’d definetely stay away from exercises that stop blood pressure in your penis, foremostly claming (thing you should avoid anyway since you are a newbie).

In the linear routine I’m doing only wormups and 30 3 sec jelqs every other day. So as you can see I’m starting as easy as I can.

I’ve never heard of PE affecting sperm count or causing any issues in the testes.

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I think I may have varicocele as well. Is it a dull pain not neccesarily in the testicle but more around it? Does the pain migrate toward your lower abs as well? I recently developed this pain around my right testicle and I’ve decided to take a week off. I guess it could serve as a decon break because I have been PE’ing for 9 months consistently. Out of all the causes of testicle pain, I believe that varicocele is the most likely caused by PE. None of the others, including epididymitis, could really result from PE, imo.

Stretching I think would be fine, but I would be wary of jelqs. I think that jelqing is what caused me to get varicocele and testicle pain.

I’ve got a really big varicocele-never been to the doctors though, maybe I should…

When I first started PE manual stretches irritated my balls, as they pulled the cord that goes from the testis into the abdomen, but that doesn’t happen anymore.

Is the pain in your actual testicle or the cords/veins?

Mamba20 it’s exactly how it felt, dull and contentiously pain in the area of my right testicle and after that the pain shifted to the right side of my groin, however now my right testicle is sensitive to touch and as I said it’s been two months since it’s started and my groin still hurts every now and then.

Damn I’m really mad at myself for fucking this up, I think I won’t do any PE till it’s all cleared especially if he’ll till me I need surgery. But do you think I need to tell him that I did PE and that may be the cause?? Is it important information for the diagnose?

Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s varicocele now. I’ve done a little research, and fortunately this condition is not nearly as worrisome as other sources of testicle pain such as testicular torsion, epididymitis, both of which can result in loss of the testicle.

I feel your pain man. I’m pissed that I can’t continue PE because I’ve had excellent gains in 9 months. I’m afraid I might lose some of my gains if I don’t get this problem cleared up soon. Honestly, I wouldn’t opt for the surgery. It is too expensive and it is also quite risky. Of course your doc will tell you that you need surgery, but I wouldn’t buy into it just yet. I’m going to research natural ways of curing varicocele and think you should do the same. Also, imo there isn’t much of a point in telling your doc about PE. If you have varicocele, you have varicocele, doesn’t matter how you got it. If you don’t mind the embarrassment of telling your doc about PE, then go ahead, but it probably won’t make much of a difference either way.

I also have a varicocele and it has been present seen I was a teenager. A varicocele is just a tortuous testicular veins that have descended from the abdomen into the scrotum. They are more common on the left because the left testicular vein connects to the left renal (kidney) vein in the abdomen. It has no association with blood flow to or from the penis, only the testicles. I think you are fine to continue PE, as long as you don’t ever clamp behind the scrotum.

I have lots of varicocele to my left ball. I have never had any problems doing PE. I’ve had it checked up by a urologist and he told me that as long as I have no pain from my varicocele, it’s harmless.

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