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I have some questions


Originally Posted by gabi124

Thanks for your help and I have one more question do my penis have to be in the same level of erection while jelqing?

That would help. I try to maintain at least a 60%-80% erection. Do not jelq when you are completely erect you could hurt Mr. Pee pee. When you are jelqing you might go flaccid, don’t worry this happens. So just mess with yourself and get another erection, and keep at it.

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Originally Posted by yagermiester18

How do you do piss pulls?

Every time you take a piss, use the opportunity to do a few stretches. I usually wait until after, so as not to pee on my shoes. You can also use this time for Kegels: start peeing, then stop the flow and hold for 2-3 seconds. Repeat until complete.

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Oh alright thanks

I read a post a guy wrote that said that he felt as if he got a better stretch after masturbation as the muscles were more relaxed. Although some don’t recommend masturbating beforehand as you may lose the determination to perform your full exercise

Thanks For All Your Help


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