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I got some gains, but something weird happened.



How often do you wear it and for how long? Thanks.

:rolling: Growing Pains. :)

The following is my update on the situation:

As you huys know from this thread ,I started using my Penis Master or penis master about 6 months ago. After my first month of using it, I noticed an increase urge to pee. So I stopped wearing it for a while, but I still had this urge to pee all the time. I waited another three weeks, and since it didn’t go away, I made an appointment to see a Urologist. To make a long story short, my urologist diagnosed me with Prostatitis and he put me on antibiotics for 3 month (levaquin 500 mg). It’s been two months since the last time I took the antibiotics. And now I have no infection, but my prostatitis has not gone away. My doctor told me yesterday that it’s a tough call to make, and he wants to see me in a month.

Do you guys think that because of having my penis stretch with the penis master for prolong periods of time; I contracted the infection that led to prostatitis? For those of you who have contracted prostatitis, what can I do to eliminate this urge? When will it go away? I’m desperate, and I don’t feel like having sex anymore. I feel like shit, and I’m only 29. You guys don’t know how horrible it is to have an urge to pee for 5 months straight.

Guys please help on this one. There are a lot of men on this site, so I should be able to get some good feedback.

Thanks a bunch for you help!!!!!

When I was around 32, my doctor picked up that I was headed for some prostate problems. His instructions were to make sure I ejaculated at least once per day, by masturbation or having sex. Not wanting to risk anything, I searched around for other solutions and came across a program teaching how to manually stretch the penis to eliminate prostate problems. I followed the doctors advice and made sure I came every day, and did the stretching exercises for many months. At one of my check up’s after about 6 months, he said I was ok, so I resumed my normal lifestyle, however, I continued to stretch every now and then.

I am not familiar with the penis master but assume it is a stretching device of sorts. I don’t think it could have brought on your prostatitis. The condition was probably there before you started, and it only brought the symptoms up allowing you to be diagnosed years earlier, which, in my opinion is good for you, as it gives you a chance to fight it in the early stages.

The urgent need to urinate and inability to keep it in even if the bladder is only partially full is also cured now, however, I was only able to find a solution to this about a year ago. I don’t know if this part was due to a recurring bladder infection, eg, by passing thrush (or some infection) from my partner to me, and then back to her, then back to me, etc, or if it was recurring bouts of prostatitis. I am however convinced that having started UT just over a year ago is what cured me of this (and other) problems. If you want to know more about UT, follow this link and read as much as possible on it. Http:// If you are serious to get well quick, I can guide you with precisely how to start and go about doing it. I am 40 now and do not have a prostate problem. I drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water per day and can control my piss perfectly.

Regardless of what you decide, you should still go and see the specialist in a months time and hopefully he will give you the all clear.

Interesting thread, I have the core symptoms of prostatits as well but they only crop up occassionally.
If I don’t cum in 3 or 4 days my cum becomes beady yellow and jelly like - really horrible, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it had something to do with diet also.

I pumped for the first time the other day and had this weird feeling where I felt like I had to pee when I didn’t./
I went the first time, then a second time and barely anything came out - it hasn’t come back since.

Giancarlo, I think you should try a change of lifestyle - don’t let this beat you.
Maybe try excercising and getting fit, a change of diet and drinking a lot more water, give up coffee, smoking and even processed sugar.
Also maybe try some kegels, keep at it and try to beat it.
Let us know how you go.

Thank you all, I will follow your advice………

Hey there, let us all know what the Doctor says.. I am considering a similar device in the near future (wanna be prepared)

Good luck to you, hope all goes well.

I am not a Doctor but have some experience. I think what you got is definitely related to your recent use of the penismaster which has at least made your symptoms worse. Quit using it until you are cured and then re-start, if you wish, more gradually. A urinary infection does not necessarily causes a burning sensation when you pee. Probably, more factors together caused you an inflammation which has passed from the urethra to the urinary bladder which is now contracted and cannot hold as much urine as usual, causing you a frequent urge to pee. You should find some no prescription medication for this symptom and maybe ask your doctor by phone to have is approval to take some as you cannot wait three weeks in that condition. Urine is a peculiar fluid and only few medications are active in it, so don’t go by trial, rather use some sleeping aids to get some sleep. Drink water and stay away from tomatoes. Don’t worry, it looks like nothing serious.



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