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I finally Hit the Cervix!!


Originally Posted by Lambros
That is very interesting. Are you saying that you can go beyond the cervix and into the unteris? I will have to try and perfect the art of cervix rubbing. Thank you fellas for opening my eyes.

No you definitely cannot go IN the cervix/into the uterus. BUT the cervix can pull back when she is very aroused/stimulated and depending on her hormones etc, and the penis can slide under/over it and actually rub against the outside wall of the uterus, which can be pleasurable. The vagina doesnt simply “end” at the cervix.

Goal: 8.5x6.5

I am 8” BPEL (7.25” not pressed) and I have always had a hard time hitting anything in there, like I have to try to rub against it…I always wanted that extra inch so it was easy, it feels like no matter the girl, it is just slightly out of reach.


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