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I can't tell if I'm doing it right

I can't tell if I'm doing it right

I’ve been doing the newbie routine for about 4 days with obviously no growth, which is fine. But I can’t tell if I’m stretching the ligaments in my penis or if I’m just stretching the skin? My penis feels a little sore when I do the manual stretching and the dry jelqing but I can’t tell if it’s the ligaments or just the skin.

Also, what are the most effective manual stretches? I’ve been just basically pulling it down, and sometimes pulling it that OK?

Well, first of all check out the videos on manual stretching. You should also stretch it left and right and do some V-stretches(see videos).

The videos are pretty self-explanatory and should help you out alot.

Four days is not nearly long enough to show a change. Some guys go months before they see growth. The first thing you have to do is develop some patience. PE is not a quick fix. Many guys, especially those who are circumcised, do have to stretch the skin before other things can happen. A little sore is good. If the whole penis is sore, it’s probably skin. If the base is sore, it’s probably ligaments. If it’s both, then you’re probably on the right track.

Stretching in five directions and also “around the world” helps loosen everything. Pull up toward your head, down toward your feet, pull left, right and straight out. Do each for 30 seconds to a minute gripping below the glans. You may need a grip aid such as a piece of paper towel, cloth or latex to help maintain your grip. Then, after you’ve done the five way stretches, pull it to one side and rotate you penis through a circle. Go around a few times in one direction, then reverse. The repeat the whole process for two complete sets.

Thanks, yea I didn’t expect results after 4 days trust me. Both is sore so hopefully I’m doing it right.


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