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I can masturbate edge for 15-20 mins is that good and will it help me in other ways.


I can masturbate edge for 15-20 mins is that good and will it help me in other ways.

Will it train my penis to last longer in the bedroom if I can edge for 20mins without cumming , thats also watching porn with a girl that really turns me on. People say porn is bad but I think its only bad for guys that last 3 mins and blow there load.

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Great start just cut out the porn IMO. Using your mind is much stronger and most girls won’t do what porn stars do. Its a bad habit sometimes. Trust me I know. Former porn addict myself, much better edging within my mind. Just turn everything off and enjoy it, just don’t shoot your load.

The latest couple sessions that I lasted 15-20mins wasn’t like hardcore porn just a girl getting herself off. LOL

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I agree, no porn is the best way to proceed.

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Just use your mind man so worth it to learn how to do that.

Edging that long is fine, but I agree that cutting porn is a good idea.

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Cutting off porn is a great idea, really. Edge too, you have to learn the feeling of not ejaculate in a few minutes, finding the right setting of your mind. If you reach it, You can last how much do you want.

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Posted this in some other thread eariler:

I had sex 2 days ago and couldn’t blow my load without handjobbing myself. The girl told me to use my imagination more.
She told me to be thinking about sex when having sex. I guess porn has had an effect on my brain making me a bit reliant.
I was masturbating to porn the whole day before meeting her at night.

Give it time nothings instant. I was jerking it 3-4 times a day sometimes to porn. Not good at all and was a huge mistake looking back. Trying to fix that now. It was extremely counter-productive to an old PE routine I did. It toughened my ligs I think quite a bit actually. Of course I would do it quickly too so other muscles are out of balance. I also would jelq to the point of ejac so that didnt help either. Just my honest experience, wiser man now over 30 haha

Porn will stuff you up after a while and you won’t be able to perform. Edging is good and has some benefits. I usually edge for about an hour in the morning when I awake with morning wood. When I get up to have a piss there is a good amount of precum oozing.

How to EDGE & Benifits

So how do you perfectly edge I know you get yourself to the point of no return and stop but, how long do you wait before continuing. Also how long should a session be and are you supposed to eventually cum or not.

Whats the benefits to edging besides helping with ED.

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How long before continuing? You find out by experimenting. And then you try and reduce this time through training. Eventually, in theory, you can stay at the point of no return as long as you wish; common sense should dictate that you should stop before fatigue, injury, your actual life come into play.

Cum or not? Your choice. Experiment why not?

Other benefits? It’s fun, free and easy. It can make you balloon (do a search!). You can watch really long porn films in one sitting. Your sexual stamina will go through the roof. You might be inspired to work on your breathing/ meditation techniques - you might unlock your spiritual side. Heck you might even want to improve your cardiovascular fitness to get more out of it. In fact gain any of those benefits and you could even become more attractive (maybe not watching long porn movies granted).

I first learned about edging many years ago. One of the benefits which I experienced from it was the ability to last for long periods of time during intercourse. When I was in my early 20s I had not had the ability to last for more than a few minutes. I no longer remember where I first learned of edging, but the process permitted me to develop stamina as well as lasting for just about as long as either I or my partner desired.

I do remember when younger I oftentimes experience “blue balls” frequently as a result of edging. This problem was solved by occasionally allowing myself to ejaculate at the end of my edging session. I only did this often enough to prevent the aching balls which would, at time, result.

Lately, that is in the past two years the greatest benefit is a great decrease in ED.


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