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I am a Small Newbie !! LOL

I am a Small Newbie !! LOL

Hey, 1st.. Thanks GOD for this site.. I have been reading and this is full of so many tips. I am in the process of changing alot. I am 35 and am currently starting a workout program to get in shape and tone up and also

am going to try and increase my penis size. This is too good to be true. I am one of those guys who has always felt bad about his penis size. I have always had trouble with my penis size. My wife has never complained and our sex life has been great for 16 years, but want to satisfy her and me more. I want to be able for once to feel confident with my penis size. even if it is not much more, it would make a huge difference to me!! I am a songwriter and have a family business, so I am hopeful I will have enough time to put all this info to the test. I am now just reading and learing what everything is. Again I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this forum and I hope to be able to help out financially and maybe down the road be able to help other’s..Sorry for the letter .. BTW I am right at 6” length and 4.5 girth. I will have to do a measurement correctly to be sure.. Thanks again

Good luck misfit, is sounds like you are doing this for the right reasons. Some guys are already nicely hung, but just want to make girls think they are freaks of nature. Taking the approach of getting your whole body in good shape will surely help you see gains faster. Not only will you lose fat around you pubic area, but better circulation will most certainly help will gains.


Started 5.75 x 4.75 Goal: 7 x 6! <-- Started with a piglet, want a HOG

Welcome misfit!

Being able to improve all of your body is wonderful. Just be sure to start out light and then build up intensity over time to avoid injury. Keep at it, and your hard work will show. Later!



this shit works for maybe 90% of guys.

be aware that it takes patience and dedication.

Knowing that your love life is good to start with puts you in a good place, so even if you are a hard/non gainer you are ok.

I think that the majority of guys get at least 1/2” length in 6 months, some guys get unbelievable gains (I gained an inch in about 7 weeks).

take careful measurements bone pressed and non bone pressed. erect and flaccid stretch as well as flaccid hang. calculate your fat pad depth and do other measurements of your body. One form of penis enhancement id simplly getting fit since it will increase your nbp measures as well as give a bigger subjective appearance to your equipment.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Welcome, Misfit!

Commit to your goals and you shall make progress. Accept that it will take time and don’t go for the quick gains (if they come, great!). Read a lot and ask questions that are important to you. And there you’ll have your attained goal.



Welcome the forum

This is a great place to get all the support you need huh?
Best of luck to ya.

Welcome aboard

As Luvdadus mentioned, take both BP and NBP measurements.

For your info at 6” you are no by means small. Average is around 5.5” nbp.

All the best!


Thanks for the replies.. I started last night and it went great. I hope I dont over excersize or under excersize. I had red spots, so I felt like this was okay. Stupid question, but can you squeeze too hard?? I dont want to damage anything.. Anyway thanks again for the replies….

Yes, you can squeeze too hard, pull too hard, PE too hard in general.

Red spots are common at the beginning, but you shouldn’t be trying to PE until you GET them - just take it easy. An injury is no laughing matter - what do you say to the Doc?


Thanks ALOT!!!!!

welcome misfit and good luck man,you’re in the right place.

My Goals: 7" x 6 " enbpl

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