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I also have a penis

I also have a penis

Hi guys, just started doing PE this Saturday after scrolling through some sites about jelqing and having too much time on my hand. I’ve already tried it a couple times few years earlier, literally like two or three times. So yeah, nothing serious. But THIS time I’m planning to stick to a schedule; 5 days on, 2 days off.

Right now, I’m a little over 7.5 inches BPEL and my penis has a girth of 5,7 inches (I use a roll-up tape measure). I know some wouldn’t complain with that and I am not complaining, but I’m pretty tall and I feel that a bigger size would fit me better. I’d like to gain somewhere between 1.5-2 inches on length and my ideal girth would be around 6.5-7 inches. I’m a grower, so is this an achievable goal for me?

My routine is pretty much for beginners; I start with a warm-up, stretches for 25-30 min. And then begin to jelq for 10 minutes (200-300). I find it a bit difficult to not get fully erect during exercises, I’m guessing that will be less difficult to control the more you do it. After that I stay erect for some time, I’ve read that’s good because then your penis can adjust better or something. I’ve also read that it’s not recommend to masturbate 5 hours before or after you start your PE, because that could be fatiguing for tissue and skin. I thought that was a nice tip.

Oh, and I’d love to go from having a 8-7 o’clock curve to a 10. Anyone have any experience with this? From going down to up, so to speak?

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With a goal of 9x7, you’re looking to nearly double your current size. That should be big enough for anyone. Start with the beginner routine and see where it gets you. After six months or so you’ll have a good idea of what works for you and go from there.

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Thanks, I’m still kind of new to this. I don’t know what’s reasonable to expect, but to be patient seems to come in handy.

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I posted to a similar question the following:

When jelqing up to 80% some have to ejaculate before they can keep it from being to hard. The head of my dick is extremely warm while I jelq so I guess as a beginner it should be getting warmer as you are putting energy into it. So if you can’t control the hard on then just masturbate it to ejaculation and then jelq. That may speed things up a bit. And I think as you get further into PE, say a month or two, you will find what works the best and your dick will respond more to your wishes as you learn to tame it. haha Wild thing that our dicks are by nature!

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Remember that you already have a large penis. Don’t do anything stupid. Take it slow and you will gain.

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Goals: First: 7 1/2 bpel x 5 1/2 mseg ACHIEVED! Current Goal: 7 nbp x 5 3/4 mseg (almost there!)

More isn’t necessarily better. What you are suggesting is NOT a routine for beginners, sounds like you are way too eager, you need to be more patient. 25-30 minutes of stretching followed by 200-300 jelqs 5 days a week is asking for trouble if you are just starting…You have no idea of what your body is capable of handling, and you can’t accurately assess if you are giving yourself enough rest time. I would suggest do the newbie routine and see how you respond to that, and save yourself the trouble of getting injured early on in your PE career..

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I will try that, thank you. I’m not that impatient, it’s just that I’ve read on a different website that it was a good way to start. Good thing I’ve found this forum then.

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I’ve altered my initial routine a bit, to make it more penis-proof. So, instead of 5 days on, 2 days off I’ll take a rest every third day. Stretches for 5 minutes and eventually build up from there. I’m sticking to the 10 minutes of jelqing though. After the exercises I have a bigger flaccid, or not really, but it doesn’t turtle up, which is good? My question: how long should I try to stay erect after PE for my penis to adjust to its “new size?”

Penis measurements.

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