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Howdy, folks.

Howdy, folks.

Hello there. I’ve been lurking off and on for a year or so, and thought I’d introduce myself. I discovered PE a year or two ago, I’ve kind of lost track. I wasn’t very serious at first, just messed around with a bit of jelqing, but then I ordered a bib about a year ago, and used it a little bit. After deciding it was too much work, and that there were more important things in the world, I stopped hanging. A few weeks ago I decided I want a bigger cock, dammit, and started up again. These days I am hanging as much as I have time for, probably about 12-15 hours a week at ten pounds. I also do a jelqing session every time I shower, and have been experimenting with other things here and there. Tonight I tried some fulcrum hanging, and that was pretty solid. I should note that I never use a wrap for my hanging, at first it seemed like too much of a bother, and I don’t seem to need it anyway. My measurements right now are about 6” NBPL and 4.5” EG. I am looking to get to 8 or 9x6. I am a shower, so I am also looking for a much better flaccid hang. My flaccid size has always jumped around on me and it’s really annoying. I’ve been using one of those therap wristwraps to help with that. So that’s that. Just saying hello, and thanks to lots of you whose help I’ve been getting without letting you know. Rock and roll.

Hi Explodomatic,

Welcome to the forum.

I’m sure you’ll gain if you stick with it this time. Maybe you should consider the Thunder’s Place Reminder Service ®, which sends you nagging PM’s and if you don’t answer starts by emailing you, then goes into heavy breathing phone calls, contacts your boss to ensure you are getting enough time off and eventually starts stalking you and your family members.

You can do it this time :)

Thanks, man. I’m definitely not giving up this time. I am a rock and roll penis machine. Kaboom.


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