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How to post photos if you are a new member

How to post photos if you are a new member

I have photos I want to post so I can start a journal, but the forum says I don’t have access to do so? Do I have to be a member for so long before I can post to other areas?

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Yes. You have to be a member for 14 days and have responded to or started (in Newbie Forum) 20 posts before you can start threads in other areas. However, since all attachments must be moderated anyway, you can start your pic thread in Newbie and a moderator will move it before the photos are released.

New members are limited to where they can start new threads for a few weeks and several posts (I’m sure a mod that doesn’t have brain fade will give the exact numbers) but I think it’s 2 weeks and 20 posts. If you want, start a new thread in the Newbie Forum with the pictures attached and a Moderator can move the thread for you to Member’s Pictures.

Edit: Westla beat me to it. But I was right on the numbers! :chuckle:


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