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How to know if you're overtraining, and when to switch up you're routine

How to know if you're overtraining, and when to switch up you're routine

Hey I’ve been doing PE on and off for about 2 months’s my question..

While doing the 2 days on 1 day off routine my dick is real sensitive afterwards,even on the days off. When having sex and masturbating the head feels very uncomfortable and kind of hurts. It’s getting to the point where these things aren’t fun anymore. I was thinkin about maybe doing 2 days on (sun and mon) rest tues and 1 more workout on wed. That way even if it’s still sensitive, by the weekend (when I use it the most) will be fine. Should I do this, or just keep up the normal routine and eventually ill get used to it? Any other experiences like this and/or suggestions?

Sounds like it’s time to reevaluate your PE routine. It sounds like you are either doing something wrong or doing it too hard or too long.

Just what exactly are you doing and how hard and how long do you do it?

1st I do the hot towel for 3-5 mins.then I do 3 sets of 30 sec stretches in each direction. I wait till I get soft then shake around my dick for about a minute to stimulate the cells. Then I just do wet jelqs (50-70% hard) for 7-10 mins depending out it’s feeling that day. I make sure not to squeeze TOO hard, just so my head still swells and I see all of the blood rush to the end. Never feel pain while I’m doing it, MAYBE a little discomfort every now n then but nothing real noticeable. After all that I do a 1 minute massage and then wrap again for about 5 mins.

-I heard the softer you are when jelqing, the more it benefits length. If so, how soft? I’m rarely softer then 50% except for maybe the last 2 mins of the workout


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